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Articles for Children's Ministry Leaders

5 Reasons Why People Don’t Volunteer

There could be many reasons why people don't volunteer in children's ministry. Some of those reasons we can do nothing about. They are simply out of our control. However, many of the reasons that keep people away from children’s ministry can be addressed and fixed.

Children’s Ministry Illness Policy: How to Protect Students & Teachers

Why do you need a children's ministry illness policy? And what should it contain? Learn about key kidmin safety practices.

Summer Ideas for Kids: 8 Sizzling Activities for Children’s Ministry

Summer ideas for kids build relationships with God and others. Amaze kids and families with these eight dazzling summer activities.

David & Goliath Sunday School Lesson: 14 Kid-Friendly Resources

Teaching a David & Goliath Sunday school lesson is a mainstay of Christian education. Use these creative resources with students.

VBS Follow-Up Ideas: 9 Fail-Proof Avenues for Outreach

VBS follow-up ideas extend your ministry's outreach well beyond summer. Here are 9 no-fail tips to try!

Equipping Sunday School Teachers: 4 Ways to Boost Your Team

Equipping Sunday school teachers yields many benefits. Consider these practical tips for building a strong Sunday school team.

Singing Praises: Music and Worship in Children’s Church

Singing praises together is a highlight of children's ministry. Use these tips to help kids praise and worship God in song.

Ideas for Summer Evenings: Make Priceless Memories With Families

Need fun ideas for summer evenings? Here are 9 inspired ideas to celebrate God, family, and fun this summer.

Object Lesson on Kindness: Teach Children to Build Up Others

In this Bible-based object lesson on kindness, kids build up and tear down block buildings.

Helmet of Salvation Object Lesson: 10 Armor of God Activities

Use these 10 ideas to teach Sunday school children a helmet of salvation object lesson.

4th of July Snacks: Fruit Flags for Celebrating Our Freedom

Use these healthy, yummy 4th of July snacks to teach children about our freedom in Jesus.

Sunday School Curriculum: How to Choose Materials for Children

Choosing Sunday school curriculum is an important decision, and options abound. Learn how to select lessons for children.

Beatitudes Children’s Activities: 14 Sunday School Ideas

Do you need Beatitudes children’s activities? Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount is a great Sunday school topic. Check out all these resources.

Little Disciples: Teaching Children the Path of Discipleship

By introducing little disciples to Jesus and God’s Word, you set a strong foundation for a lifelong relationship with God.

Jesus Turns Water Into Wine Sunday School Lesson Ideas

Jesus turns water into wine Sunday school lesson ideas teach children about Jesus’ first miracle on earth. Try these 14 activities with kids.

VBS Follow-Up for Churches: 4 Ways to Extend Your Reach

Strategic VBS follow-up plays a huge role in making the most of vacation Bible school. Intentional follow-up should be part of your entire VBS planning.

Christian Parenting Quotes: 20 Truths for Raising Godly Kids

These 20 Christian parenting quotes offer valuable insights about parents as Godly teachers.

Father’s Day Snack for Sunday School: Honoring Our Dads

Sunday school students will love this yummy Father's Day snack about honoring dads.

Unique Biblical Boy Names: Faith-Based Baby Names for Parents

What are some unique biblical boy names? Parents can choose baby names from many Scripture characters and references.

Social Media Rules for Married Couples: 5 Ways to Protect a Relationship

Social media rules for married couples are a must. Get on the same page with your spouse about these 5 issues.

Sam Allberry: How To Avoid ‘Unpreaching’ the Gospel in Our Church...

Sam Allberry joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share what he learned when his church had biblical teaching, but the gospel didn’t seem to be permeating the culture. Sam explains how pastors can have orthodox preaching while also promoting a culture of “gospel safety.”

Articles for Children's Ministry Leaders