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Articles for Children's Ministry Leaders

Father’s Day Crafts: 20 Fun, Free Ways for Kids to Honor Dad

Father’s Day will be here soon! So check out these 20 Father’s Day crafts that pair kids' love for creating with their love for their dads.

Mother’s Day Sunday School Crafts, Games, Lessons & Ideas Galore

Celebrate all the women in your church with these sweet Mother's Day Sunday school crafts, games, lessons and more!

7 Creative Ways to Collect Offering at Church

For those of you who give your kids a time for giving at your church, I want to share some creative ways to collect offering at church.

Devotions for Kindergartners: 9 Bible-Based Resources for Young Children

Are you looking for devotions for kindergartners? We've gathered Bible-based resources that are age-appropriate for young Sunday school students and families.

Sunday School Teacher Appreciation: 3 Great Ideas

Children's ministry programs could not run without teacher volunteers. Check out these 3 great Sunday school teacher appreciation ideas!

Five Reasons Why People Don’t Volunteer

There could be many reasons why people don't volunteer in children's ministry. Some of those reasons we can do nothing about. They are simply out of our control. However, many of the reasons that keep people away from children’s ministry can be addressed and fixed.

Children’s Church Room Ideas: 8 Easy, Affordable Designs

If you want to redesign your kidmin meeting area, check out these 8 children’s church room ideas.

Summer Church Activities: 18 Fun Fellowship Ideas

A great way to reach families is with summer church activities! Discover 18 ways your church can seize the unique evangelism and fellowship opportunities of the season.

Earth Day Craft for Children’s Ministry: New Life With Jesus

God's creation is amazing. So is his free gift of eternal life through Jesus! Celebrate both with this fun Earth Day craft for Sunday school and children's church.

How to Explain the Holy Trinity to a Child: 3 Important Teaching Tips

Because it's a mystery, knowing how to explain the holy Trinity to a child can be challenging. We can never fully understand God's three-in-one nature. But we can and should grow in our understanding of the holy Trinity.

Father’s Day Prayer: 11 Ways Children Can Pray for Their Dads

Our heavenly Father wants us to pray for our earthly parents. Check out these 12 Father’s Day prayer ideas you can use in children's church or Sunday school.

Church Visitor Follow Up Strategy: Maximize KidMin Outreach Events

Children's ministry outreach events can be a lot of work, but they're worth it when done right. It's essential to have a church visitor follow up strategy in place, because people returning isn't a given.

Men, Be the Chief Repenters in Your Homes

Men, Be the Chief Repenters in Your Homes - The goal of repentance is not to manufacture peace among others with perfunctory repentance, but rather to turn to God wholly and completely.

Easter Sunday School Games: 10 Fun Indoor & Outdoor Activities

Check out these 10 fun Easter Sunday school games. They’re a great companion for Holy Week lessons and activities, from Palm Sunday through Jesus’ resurrection.

Easter Community Outreach Ideas: Kids Can Share Food to Spare

If you need Easter community outreach ideas, check out simple, meaningful idea for children.

Palm Sunday Object Lesson: The Rocks Cry Out

Use this Palm Sunday object lesson: The Rocks Cry Out to help kids learn that they can praise Jesus! Luke 19:40 “And He answered and said, ‘I tell you, if these become silent, the stones will cry out!’”

Easter Is Not About the Bunny: One KidMin Director’s Perspective

As a children’s ministry director, I keep the Easter bunny out of our church events. That's because Easter is not about the bunny. It's about Jesus!

Easter Activities for Kids: Baskets of Fun Ideas Children Will Love

Check out all these great Easter activities for kids! They include Easter games, crafts, snacks and more.

Children’s Church Songs: 20 Great Tunes for Worshiping With Kids

God uses music to reach young hearts. Here are 20 children’s church songs your kids will love!

Tips for Leaders Who Lack the Crucial Skill of Listening Well

Being a good listener is a critical part of being a great leader.  People can tell when you are not really listening.  Your body language or that distant look in your eyes shows people you are not really listening to them.  They pick up on the vibe that you are simply waiting for them to stop talking, so you can talk.

‘There Is No Shame in Divorcing Josh,’ Says Anna Duggar’s Cousin...

Anna Duggar should feel “no shame” about divorcing her husband, Josh Duggar, says Anna’s cousin, Amy King. Federal prosecutors are seeking a 20-year prison sentence for Josh, who has been convicted of receiving and possessing child pornography.

Leonard Sweet: Church Leaders, God Has Given You This Moment—Don’t Miss...

Dr. Leonard Sweet joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to share what our current cultural “volcanoes” mean for the church and why he sees hope amid the chaos.

Articles for Children's Ministry Leaders