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Today’s children’s ministry leaders face daunting cultural and leadership challenges. More than ever, children’s pastors need leadership resources and children’s ministry resources to enable them to advance the gospel of Jesus in these challenging times for children and families. churchleaders.com is dedicated to providing resources and information for every children’s pastor and children’s ministry leader. If you serve on a church staff as a children’s minister, children’s pastor, director of Christian education, preschool minister, family ministry leader, or any other pastoral role, you’ll find must-have children’s ministry resources and connections to a community of children’s ministry leaders for greater Kingdom impact worldwide.

Find articles for children’s ministry leaders here. Children’s ministry leaders from every denomination find articles for children’s ministry leaders that they are looking for here at churchleaders.com. Join millions of children’s ministry leaders who look to us for resources and encouragement for children’s ministry leadership.

Leading your children’s ministry and family ministry is not only about teaching and building relationships, but it is also about your relationship with Jesus. You will also find inspiration, encouragement, and help to keep your relationship with God strong and vibrant.

Elisabeth Elliot

The Hidden Ministry of Homemaking: What I Learned From Elisabeth Elliot

It turns out that it’s not mainly what you’re doing that makes a life. It’s why you’re doing it. And no one taught me that lesson more powerfully than Elisabeth Elliot.
VBS Directors

13 Sanity Savers for VBS Directors

13 Sanity Savers for VBS Directors -  Details – big and small – must be planned out, tweaked, and re-tweaked to welcome a few hundred campers and volunteers to our program each day.  If you are overseeing VBS, you know exactly what I mean!
Pets Go to Heaven

What to Say When Your Child Asks Do Pets Go to Heaven?

"Some may want to shield their children from discussions of death, but we do not..."
children's ministry names

24 New Children’s Ministry Names for Your Kidmin

Great children’s ministry names arouse curiosity; give an instant feeling of belonging, fun, and excitement; and help teachers, parents, and children remember their Christian calling. If you’re looking for a new label that better expresses your phenomenal Christian education program, try one of these.
Youth leader training

Youth Leader Training That Meets Real Needs

Recently, I've noticed a shift in how many people think about youth leader training. Many youth workers are recognizing the immediate need for training that is contextualized.
supercharge VBS

12 Tips to Supercharge VBS

Supercharge VBS - As a children’s pastor, I’ve led a lot of VBS events and kids camps. For many years the events were good, but nothing spectacular. That’s when I changed my approach and implemented new principles.
online kid's worship

One Big Thing We Are Missing In Online Kids’ Worship Services

While I believe online kids' worship services are making a difference in the lives of kids, I believe we are missing an even greater opportunity to make an impact in the lives of families.
Bible jokes for kids

13 Funny Bible Jokes for Kids

A great way to connect with kids is through jokes and riddles.  Here are 13 Bible jokes and riddles you can use whether you're in the classroom or making small talk.
Sunday School

Forgotten Kids Return to Church

How we treat our children right now has eternal implications. The impact of children’s ministry, Sunday school, and vacation Bible school affects lifelong faith vitality.
parenting styles

What to Do When Spouses’ Parenting Styles Clash

So whether it’s an issue of how to discipline, what time the kids should go to bed, or if certain children should have different expectations, what should you do as spouses when your parenting styles clash? How can parents resolve parenting issues when they are not on the same page?
vacation bible school ideas

70 Vacation Bible School Ideas to Make Your VBS the Best Ever

Dozens and dozens of great VBS ideas your children's ministry can use this summer.
people don't volunteer

Five Reasons Why People Don’t Volunteer

There could be many reasons why people don't volunteer in children's ministry. Some of those reasons we can do nothing about. They are simply out of our control. However, many of the reasons that keep people away from children’s ministry can be addressed and fixed.
How to Explain the Trinity to a Child

How to Explain the Trinity to a Child

The biggest problem with explaining the Trinity to kids is the fact that it is a mystery.
Doing Church Together – Five Ways to Keep the Family Together at Church

Doing Church Together—Five Ways to Keep the Family Together at Church

These five ideas will help you jump start ways to keep the family together while at church.
successful VBS

Why a Successful VBS Has to Be a Church-Wide Event

Why a Successful VBS Has to be a Church Wide Event - My reasoning behind this statement was because I have done VBS as a departmental event and a church-wide event.
worshipping with kids

10 Winning Strategies for Worshipping With Kids

Worshipping with kids can be enjoyable! Here are our strategies when we take taking our kids, especially our very youngest, to worship that help make worship meaningful for both our kids and us.
Creative Ways to Collect Offering at Church

7 Creative Ways to Collect Offering at Church

For those of you who give your kids a time for giving at your church, I want to share some creative ways to collect offering at church.
VBS Family Night

5 Ways to Engage Families at a VBS Family Night

Vacation Bible School is one of the most exciting weeks of the year. Whether in the day, night, or on consecutive weekends, the impact made by VBS can leave a lasting legacy. One way to ensure the message of VBS goes well beyond the walls of the church is to make sure to engage families in a VBS family night. 
burned out

What to Do When a Volunteer Is Burned Out

How can you help a volunteer who is burned out in your ministry? Let's start by talking about how you can identify a volunteer who is burned out.

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