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Articles for Children's Ministry Leaders

Jesus and Children: How to Cultivate & Guard Kids’ Love for Jesus

Jesus and children have always had a special relationship. In the Gospels, it’s clear that kids love Jesus because He first loved them.

Children’s Ministry Training: 15 Tips for Equipping Your KidMin Team

Children's ministry training doesn’t always need to be an event. Discover 15 ways to sneak in training when your kidmin volunteers and teachers least expect it.

Connecting With Kids: 7 Children’s Ministry Tips for Breaking the Ice

Connecting with kids is key to any children's ministry or church activity. Discover seven tips for breaking the ice in your kidmin program.

16 Tips for Recruiting Children’s Ministry Volunteers

Recruiting children's ministry volunteers who genuinely want to serve kids and teach them about Christ's love isn't as difficult as it might seem.

Making Friends in Sunday School: 3 Icebreaker Games for Children

Making friends is an important social skill for children. Use these 3 games to help children make friends at Sunday school.

Christian Jokes and Riddles: 13 Bible Chuckles for Children

Christian jokes and riddles offer great ways to connect with kids. Use these 13 religious jokes with your children.

Short Bible Verses: 56 Brief Scriptures for Children to Memorize

Short Bible verses are ideal for young children to hear, repeat, and learn. Here are 56 Scriptures that kids can memorize.

Reward System for Kids: How to Encourage Cooperation

A reward system for kids lets teachers and parents use positive reinforcement. Discover how to put reward systems to work in your classroom or home.

Church Volunteer Burnout: Why It’s NOT Their Fault

Church volunteer burnout is costly, and it often comes back to poor leadership. Discover how to avoid seven mistakes with your kidmin helpers.

Fall Festival Planning: 6 Tips for a Successful KidMin Harvest Event

For a successful children's ministry fall festival or harvest event, use these 6 tips.

Calling vs. Career: Where Does Children’s Ministry Fit, Exactly?

Calling vs. Career. Which label would you use for children's ministry? Personally, I don't believe ministry is a career. I believe it's a calling of God.

What Is the Purpose of Sunday School? 4 Key Program Roles

What is the purpose of Sunday school? This Christian education program has four key parts: reaching, teaching, winning and caring.

Recruit Children’s Ministry Volunteers With These 6 Tips

Knowing how to recruit volunteers for children’s ministry can be tough. So we’ve compiled six tips for recruiting kidmin volunteers.

The Worst Child Safety Habits and How To Replace Them

Bad child safety habits are often attributed to feeling overwhelmed, understaffed, and pressured to make a good impression or keep people happy by not inconveniencing them. Recognizing the cause of bad safety habits is essential to overcoming or replacing them with better ones.

Prayer for Back to School: Ways to Pray for Students and Teachers

A prayer for back to school season is more important than any list of school supplies. Use or adapt these back-to-school prayers as students return to classrooms this fall.

Parents, Your Words Have Power (So Say These Two to Your Kids!)

Although it's difficult for many parents to say “I’m sorry,” kids need to hear those two words.

Church Fall Festival Games: 10 Harvest Activities for Children’s Ministry

Church fall festival games are a must for a children’s ministry harvest event. These 10 activities are perfect for a harvest festival.

Men Needed: 3 Reasons Godly Men Should Serve in Children’s Ministry

Men have many opportunities in a children's ministry. Guys can help kids learn about God and his love.

Back to School Devotion on Fruit of the Spirit: An Interactive Lesson

A back to school devotion is an effective way to welcome and engage children. Use this back-to-school activity to teach about faith and the fruit of the Spirit.

Kids in Your Ministry Won’t Tell You These 10 Things: Listen Up!

How well do you know the kids in your children's ministry? Here are 10 things Sunday school students won’t tell you but wish you knew.

Faith-Based Resettlement Orgs Celebrate Moves To Maintain Refugee Cap

Faith-based refugee resettlement groups offered qualified praise for President Joe Biden amid news his administration plans to keep the annual refugee cap level at 125,000.

Benjamin Watson: What Church Leaders Need To Know About Abortion and...

Benjamin Watson joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to discuss what the pro-life movement should focus on now that Roe has been overturned.

Articles for Children's Ministry Leaders