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Articles for Children's Ministry Leaders

Devotion for Christmas: Help Volunteers Celebrate Children’s Gifts

Looking for a devotion for Christmas to use with children's ministry volunteers? Use this resource to share seasonal joy with kidmin helpers.

Teaching Children to Pray: Try These Ideas in Your Family

If we want kids to know God and not just know about Him, we need to always be teaching children to pray. Try these proven ideas for teaching kids to talk to and listen to God.

Children’s Lessons on Faith: 7 Tips for Navigating Doubts

While teaching children's lessons on faith, you need to be prepared for tough questions and doubts. Use these tips for Sunday school teachers and parents.

6 Ways to Integrate a Special Needs Ministry at Your Church

The families of those with special needs feel supported, knowing their loved ones feel comfortable and confident in their environment, and are valued members of the church family. The church is called to special needs ministry.

Thanksgiving Bible Lessons: 12 Great Grateful Resources

Thanksgiving Bible lessons teach children gratitude for God’s blessings. These 12 resources work well in Sunday school, for children’s church, and as at-home family devotions.

Kids Leading the Way: 6 Thoughts on Children Serving as Leaders

Are kids leading the way in your children's ministry? Do you let children take leadership roles at church? It's time we give kids more opportunities to lead.

Ways to Say Thank You to Volunteers: 60 Fun Ideas

Need new ways to say thank you to volunteers in your children's ministry or church? Then read on for 60 ideas that helpers are sure to love.

Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas for Thankful Kids & Families

At Thanksgiving dinner, many families share what they're each thankful for. But ideas for expressing gratitude during the big meal aren't always creative. Check out these fun alternatives!

9 Ways You Can Encourage Families to Make a Return Visit

Based on my church shopping experience, I have decided to make a list of ways to encourage new families to make a return visit to church.

Thanksgiving Tablecloth Tradition That Families Will Treasure

Grow gratitude and memories with this fun Thanksgiving tablecloth tradition. It's an easy, meaningful way for families to share blessings and say thanks to God.

10 Winning Strategies for Worshipping With Kids

Worshipping with kids can be enjoyable! Here are our strategies when we take taking our kids, especially our very youngest, to worship that help make worship meaningful for both our kids and us.

Bulletin Board Letters Printables: 12 Resources to Upgrade Displays

Bulletin board letters printables and other visual shortcuts are must-haves for any children’s ministry and Sunday school program. Create eye-catching displays with these artistic resources.

Thanksgiving Craft for Elementary Kids: Praise Pennants

With this Thanksgiving craft, elementary kids raise a victory banner to thank and praise God. Have fun making this craft in Sunday school or at home.

Lost Sheep Craft to Make With Your Sunday School Students

This lost sheep craft is adorable, and children will love it! Kids can hide the sheep under one of the cups, mix up the cups, and let someone guess which one it's under.

Share Your Testimony: Why Parents Must Tell Children Their Faith Stories

Discover why it's so important for parents to share your testimony with your own children. We need to tell our kids about faith in Christ and share his story with them.

Special Needs Ministry: NJ Church Offers a Bit of Heaven on Earth

Does your church have a special needs ministry? Are you looking for ways to reach and support families whose children have physical or mental disabilities? Discover what one congregation is doing!

Pumpkin Prayer Craft: Kids Will Love This Fun Fall Activity

Make a pumpkin prayer craft with kids in your Sunday school class or children's ministry program. They'll have a blast while learning a lasting message about interacting with God.

Three Wise Men Story: 12 KidMin Resources for Epiphany

The Bible’s three wise men story recounts when the Magi came to worship Jesus. Use these 12 resources in your children’s ministry program to teach kids about Epiphany.

Children’s Faith: Discover the Vital Role That Parents Play

For children's faith, the biggest influence is parents. Whether positive or negative, parents greatly affect the trajectory of a child's faith and spiritual life.

Bible Snacks: 18 Yummy, Memorable Snacks for Sunday School Classes

Bible snacks are a great way to enhance your Sunday school lessons. Read on for 18 easy, high-impact treats to share with your children's ministry students!

‘Strange World,’ First Disney Film With Openly Gay Teen, Flops in...

Disney’s new animated film, "Strange World," which has a subplot featuring an LGBTQ character, is proving to be a box office disappointment. It has been a tumultuous year for Disney, which recently replaced CEO Bob Chapek with its former CEO Bob Iger amid controversy over the company's political stances.

Max Lucado: ‘The One Thing That Has Helped Me More Than...

Max Lucado joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to share his best tips for creating and delivering a sermon that draws people in.

Articles for Children's Ministry Leaders