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Andy Stanley Sermons: Online Spiritual Nourishment

If you are seeking inspiration, guidance, and growth in your faith journey, exploring Andy Stanley sermons is a great step forward. Countless lives have been impacted, and you too can experience the transformative power of his teachings.

Exploring Pastor Jeffress Sermons and Beliefs

A notable series of Pastor Jeffress sermons is "Christian Politics Commentary," where he addresses the intersection of faith and politics. Using scripture as his foundation, he offers a biblical perspective on current events and hot-button issues.

Watch, Listen, and Be Uplifted By These Max Lucado Sermons

If you're searching for sermons that will inspire, challenge, and uplift you, look no further than Max Lucado sermons. Stay connected to Max Lucado's teachings and be a part of a community that seeks to live out their faith in a meaningful way.

Use a Sermon Outline to Sharpen Your Preaching

When it comes to delivering a powerful sermon, having a well-structured outline is essential. A sermon outline serves as a roadmap, guiding both the preacher and the audience through the message.

Impact and Influence: We Need Preachers More Than Ever

The future of preaching holds great potential to reach and inspire individuals on a global scale, fulfilling the Great Commission. By embracing technology and utilizing online platforms, preachers can continue to spread the gospel and impact lives in meaningful ways.

Explore John MacArthur’s Online Sermon Treasury

In Evangelical circles John MacArthur is a renowned preacher and theologian known for his impactful teaching that has touched the lives of many believers. He is a highly respected pastor, author, and teacher known for his powerful sermons and biblical perspectives.

Use Social Media Reinforcement After Your Sermon—And Before!

You spend countless hours preparing a sermon and then you get up to preach. You pour into the congregation for thirty minutes or more and then what? Social media reinforcement can help.

The Path to Becoming Complete in Christ

The Apostle Paul exchanged one kind of teaching for another. As a result, he had but one goal for his converts: that they would resemble Jesus, that is, become complete in Christ.

3 Reasons Why You Should Pray the Day After the Sermon

God is leading me to a new level of faithfulness after the sermon. Not just a quick summary prayer at the end of the message, but prayer in the nights and days that follow. 

8 Principles for Pastoring in a Politicized Age

Rightly practiced, pastoring in a politicized age and preaching doesn’t minimize the trials of the week, but simply regulates them to a different kingdom.

New Research for Better Preaching

Jesus illustrates to us how we can best effect durable learning by better preaching. But ultimately it requires a learner’s active engagement and God’s work to effect transformation.

5 Christmas Preaching Ideas From One Passage

There might be enough material to ignite all of your Christmas preaching in just one passage. Take Luke’s famous account of the annunciation.

Narrative Preaching: Do You Make These 10 Mistakes?

Let's consider the pitfalls we must avoid in order to preach with power when we take up narrative preaching. Too many preachers miss these vital skills necessary to preach the narrative portions of the scripture

The Doctrine of the Church: Its Meaning, Members, and Means

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones once made this observation: “If we do not understand the…doctrine of the Church, there is a sense in which all its appeals and exhortations and indicatives will be quite meaningless to us.”

4 Quotes About Preaching That Have Recently Challenged Me

I’ve recently spent some time reviewing books about preaching and renewing my fervor for the task. Here are some quotes that have challenged me.

How a Sanctified Imagination Can Improve Your Preaching

A sanctified imagination has the potential to help us connect with the daily lives of our congregation and improve our preaching.

3 Urgent Reasons You Should Preach on Thanksgiving RIGHT NOW

You can capture your congregation’s attention and preach preach on Thanksgiving three weeks “early.” By doing so, you will serve them well, and maybe even make November and December a happier, and more godly, place around your church.

Spiritual Wisdom – 33 Quotes From Great Christians to Help Every Pastor

I've kept a notebook of the wisest sayings I've ever heard from my most trusted teachers. Good pastoring and great preaching comes from collecting -- and using -- the spiritual wisdom of those who have gone before us.

6 Preaching Mistakes You Can Make in the First 5 Minutes

As preachers, how can we connect? Or better yet, what should we avoid preaching mistakes that create a disconnection?

The Power of Sharing Stories

If you’re a pastor, tell more personal stories in the pulpit. If you’re a filmmaker, understand the power of dramatic structure for sharing stories.

UMC Settles Sex Abuse Case Involving Former New York Pastor, Foster...

The United Methodist Church, along with New York’s Warren County, has reached a financial settlement in a sexual abuse case involving former UMC Pastor Richard Reynolds. Troy resident John Smith claimed that Reynolds, who served as Smith's foster parent, abused him as a child.

Kara Powell and Jen Bradbury: What Makes a Healthy Youth Ministry

Dr. Kara Powell and Jen Bradbury join “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share their insights into how youth leaders can most effectively help teens cultivate a faith that lasts for their entire lives.

Preaching & Teaching