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6 Preaching Mistakes You Can Make in the First 5 Minutes

Preaching mistakes -- especially early in your message -- can destroy connection with your listeners.

8 Principles for Pastoring in a Political Age

Rightly practiced, pastoring and preaching doesn’t minimize the trials of the week, but simply regulates them to a different kingdom.

Quotes About Grace: 15 Magnificent Quotes to Lift Your Spirit

Before we can sing God's song, we must fill our lungs with grace.

God Is in Control: If That’s True, Then What About These Pressing Questions?

I'd like to suggest that there's a world of difference between "Everything happens for a reason" and "God brings reason out of everything that happens." This is how I see the phrase, God is in control.

Words Are Cheap; Repentance is Costly

Tucked away in Matthew’s gospel (and only Matthew’s gospel, 21:28-32) is the short parable regarding repentance.

Spiritual Wisdom – 33 Quotes From Great Christians to Help Every Pastor

I've keep a notebook of the wisest sayings I've ever heard from my most trusted teachers. Good pastoring and great preaching comes from collecting -- and using -- the spiritual wisdom of those who have gone before us.

Carey Nieuwhof: 5 Ways to Get Better at Preaching on Camera

I didn’t realize how heavily I relied on my ability to ‘read’ an audience and see how my message is tracking until I spoke straight into the camera in an empty room for the first time.

The Gospel in The Old Testament

We can’t truly appreciate the New Testament without an understanding of the Old Testament.

The Church Needs Preaching That Lasts – Not “Particle Board Preaching”

Particle board preaching, like particle board furniture, can be made to look attractive from the outside, is affordable, and convinces us that it will get the job done; but it won't have lasting spiritual benefit for the souls of the people who listen to it. It is not preaching that lasts.

Sermon Prep: Why Do You Spend so Much Time on It?

Regardless how much time a pastor spends in sermon prep, a common question can be “why.” Why do you spend so much time in sermon prep?

Why Does God Command Violence in the Old Testament?

Is God's personality inconsistent between the Old and New Testaments? N.T. Wright and Jefferson Bethke discuss it.

Here’s Help for Your Good Friday Sermon

In your Good Friday message, remind your congregation: We want to embrace the resurrection, but Jesus calls us to the Cross, too. Discover these four powerful reflections on the cross

Why Interpreting the Bible is a “Dangerous Blessing”

Interpreting the Bible can be dangerous business. And pastors enter into the danger every time we preach. How should we proceed?

5 Different Ways to Prepare a Sermon: Pastors Share Their Secrets

It’s interesting how many different ways different pastors prepare a sermon. Five different pastors share what a week of sermon prep looks like for them.

The Christmas Story Told From Kids’ Perspective

Despite hearing it over and over again, sometimes the Christmas story can be hard for children to grasp--and pastors to share.

Christmas Preaching – 5 Sermon Sparks

There might be enough material to ignite all of your Christmas preaching in just one passage. Take Luke’s famous account of the annunciation.

4 Great Preaching Themes Through the Christmas Season

What better way themes for Christmas sermons than to encourage our congregation to go deeper in Christ?

How Research on Learning Leads to Better Preaching

Jesus illustrates to us how we can best effect durable learning by better preaching. But ultimately it requires a learner’s active engagement and God’s work to effect transformation.

2 Great Tips for Thanksgiving Sermons

I don’t know about you, but I find the Thanksgiving sermon to be one of the most difficult preaching assignments of the year.

Unless It’s a Praise and Worship Sermon, Here’s Why We Preach Second

I recently visited a church who prides themselves in always doing their praise sets after the sermon. Unless it's a praise and worship sermon, here's why the order matters.

Not a Will Ferrell Movie: ‘Soccer Baby Jesus’ Is Real —...

FIFA initiated its highly anticipated month-long tournament known as The World Cup. That means fans of Mexico's team have already begun praying to "Soccer Baby Jesus" in hopes of capturing the coveted trophy.

Trillia Newbell: How Church Leaders Can Deal With Fear and Anxiety

Trillia Newbell joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to explain how the Lord has helped her with her fear and anxiety and also to share some thoughts on women in ministry.

Preaching & Teaching