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Articles for worship & creative leaders help them face daunting challenges to lead their churches into relevant, meaningful, and God-filled worship. More than ever, worship leaders need worship resources and creative resources to enable them to advance the gospel of Jesus in worship. ChurchLeaders.com is dedicated to providing resources and information for every worship pastor. If you serve on a church staff as a worship leader, musician, song leader, creative director, or any other worship role, you’ll find must-have worship resources and connections to a community of church leaders for greater Kingdom impact worldwide.

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Do We Really Need to Keep Singing Hymns?

Do We Really Need to Keep Singing Hymns?

Growing up I attended an Assemblies of God church and didn't know hymns existed. Now I'm a worship pastor and I have to decide for myself how I feel about hymns. Do we really need to keep singing hymns? I think so. And my first reason may surprise you.
Do We Really Need to Keep Singing Hymns?

Do We Really Need to Keep Singing Hymns?

Now I'm a worship pastor and I have to decide for myself how I feel about singing hymns. Do we really need to keep singing hymns? I think so. And my first reason may surprise you.
God’s Commitment to Creation

God’s Commitment to Creation

God's commitment to creation compels us that we are image bearers whose function is to act on behalf of the king with vice-regal authority as we care for his creation.
What Liturgy Should (and Shouldn’t) Aim to Do

What Liturgy Should (and Shouldn’t) Aim to Do

For those of us who employ elements of a more traditional liturgy in our services, it’s worth asking the question from time to time, liturgy should aim to do what? And on the flip side, what should our liturgy NOT aim to do?

Building a Healthy Worship Ministry That Acts Like a Healthy Body

One of the most vital contributions a worship leader can and should make to the culture of the worship ministry at his or her church is a firm commitment to building a healthy worship ministry.
Worship Songs for Men

Good Worship Songs for Men

I asked one of my readers, Jeffrey Painter, to assemble a list of good worship songs for men. He came up with 55. Consider this a down payment. If someone would like to expand this list, let me know.
how to lead worship

How to Lead Worship When You Don’t Play an Instrument

Here are some tips for overcoming the common obstacles for how to lead worship when you don't play an instrument.
Are You Worshiping Worship Songs?

Are You Worshiping Worship Songs?

If you’re a worship leader, songs are your currency. You can’t exist without them. But have you ever felt like you were worshiping worship songs?
When You're Tired Of Leading Worship

When You’re Tired of Leading Worship

Have you been tired of leading worship?  Are you there now?  Sundays are relentless. You once brimmed with enthusiasm.  Now your roar of praise has dwindled to a faint whisper.
worship team rehearsal

5 Common Worship Team Rehearsal Killers

I am a big believer in a short, effective, enjoyable worship team rehearsal. They should be short because you want to honor your volunteers’ time. They should be effective so that you actually accomplish something. And they should be enjoyable so that your musicians (and tech crew) want to come back.
Lord's supper on passover

Why Did Jesus Institute the Lord’s Supper on the Passover?

Why, then, did Jesus institute the Lord’s Supper on Passover the night before His crucifixion? In the first place, it is because He is the fulfillment of all that was foreshadowed by the Passover lamb.
I Love a Church That Sings Badly

I Love a Church That Sings Badly

I am drawn toward a church that sings poorly and am a little suspicious of a church that sings really well. Let me explain.
This Reorienting Technique Can Anchor You in a Distracted Age

How the Daily Examen Can Anchor You in a Distracted Age

The Daily Examen is a daily prayer exercise that is integral to the Spiritual Exercises created by Ignatius of Loyola—the founder of the Jesuits (the current Pope Francis is a Jesuit).
Answered Prayers

8 Elements Common to Answered Prayers

Our God tells us what to ask for, and even when we ask amiss, he grants us only that which is good for us and for his glory. Today we examine another stanza from Psalm 119 that tells us how to know what requests to make of God for answered prayers.
The Diet of Devotion

The Diet of Devotion

I need the discipline to embrace a diet of devotion—meditation, prayer, worship, rest and fellowship. This isn’t the diagnosis or prescription I want. But, in God’s grace, I know it will be the best thing that could happen.
5 Ways Christians Worship and Glorify Satan

5 Ways Christians Worship and Glorify Satan

If you are already offended by this post, you may simply want to stop reading here. But if you keep reading, you will learn five ways that Christians worship and glorify Satan, and these five areas strike at the heart of much of what goes by “Christianity” today.
Identity in Christ

Your True Identity in Christ: 76 Inspirational Scriptures

If you have received Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, here’s a list of who you really are. Marvel at the epic greatness of your Lord and what He has done for you to shape your identity in Christ.
young worship leaders grow

Practical Experiences to Help Young Worship Leaders Grow

It is critically important that worship leaders help young worship leaders grow. If you’re a young worship leader and just starting out, and you want to grow as a worship leader, there are some crucially important experiences you have to have.
The Freedom of Long-Term Worship Planning

The Freedom of Long-Term Worship Planning

I’ve been freshly amazed at the wisdom of God and his kindness in helping me with long-term worship planning months in advance that will end up ministering to specific people or responding to certain current events in ways that there was no way I could have foreseen.
Build My Life

‘Build My Life’ Tops List of Most-Used Worship Songs by Churches

Real-time data gathered from a church presentation software company places Pat Barrett's song "Build My Life" at the top of its list of most-used worship songs by churches over the past three years.

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