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How to Lead Worship for a Wedding

At some point, most worship leaders are asked to lead worship for a wedding. One of the great privileges of leading worship is to lead on the occasion of this very special day.

Singing Hymns in Church – 4 Reasons You Should Keep Them

Singing for the Christian is formative and responsive, and therefore must be informed by Scripture. The importance of hymns is that we learn what we sing.

Before You Worship

Before you worship try approaching worship expecting to give instead of getting. Expect to humble yourself, to silence your mouth and still your spirit.

Using Loops in Worship

How do we use loops in worship tastefully in a way that works for our congregation and feels authentic to our worship dynamic?

The Attitude of Worship Vital for Any Worship Team

Healthy culture isn’t something that you can fabricate, it’s something that you “are.” Worship team culture isn’t just something to talk about, it’s who we are. It's the attitude of worship.

5 Ways to Spot a Skilled Worship Musician

A real worship musician works very hard, and part of that work will never be publicly recognized. Would you rather employ the prima donna that takes or the artisan that gives?

10 Fantastic, Practical Tips to Build Your Media Career

I spoke to a class of film students at a university in Los Angeles, who asked for some tips to build your media career advice before graduation.

Church Fined for Copyright Infringement – Could Yours Be Next?

Two famous lawsuits involving a church fined for copyright infringement raised a major red flag for Christian leaders who have the illusion there is special immunity for churches when it comes to the U.S. Copyright Law

What Does It Mean to Be Free to Worship?

We want our churches to be free to worship. But what does it actually mean? Is freedom the liberty one feels to wield a “Lion of Judah” flag across the front of the church? Is freedom a boisterous dance? Is freedom the right to be crazy?

The Psalm That Launched Charles Wesley on His Mission

Born prematurely in 1707, Charles Wesley was the 18th child of Samuel and Susannah Wesley. For weeks they were not sure if he would live or die, as eight of his siblings had done. As his mother prayed for him Charles grew healthy and strong.

How To Be A Great Backup Singer

Don’t get offended when someone gives you tips to improve your voice and role as a backup singer. We’re all on a journey of improving our musical craft. Keep growing! Stay humble! Work hard.

20 One-Sentence Prayers That Will Consistently Change Your Day

God doesn't need a 30-minute prayer session to be moved into action. He just needs faith and a sentence to call Him to do something. Discover these one-sentence prayers that will change your day.

Seeing the Impossible Happen During Worship

What role does worship have in seeing the impossible happen in people? Could it be we’ve underestimated what is going on in the room?

7 Prayers To Pray To Make Worship More Powerful This Weekend

As you join your congregation for worship this weekend, I encourage you to pray these prayers before you gather.

How to Build a Creative Culture

Right now, during this time of turmoil around the world, creativity will be vital in providing a roadmap out. And right now, this is the time to develop a creative culture inside your organization.

5 Bad Ideas That Will Make Your Service Fake

You feel fake vibes when hoping for authentic ones. Regardless, what makes a worship service fake might be boiled down to five basic things.

How to Fix a Mediocre Worship Music Mix

Does your mix suffer from these four common mix maladies?  If it does, that’s OK because there is a remedy for each one. The next worship service could be your best worship music mix.

The Parable of Sugar Cookie Hope

Here's the real-life parable what I call of sugar cookie hope. It's a recipe tat begins and ends in love.

How Long Is Church Supposed To Be?

How long is church supposed to be? The movement of the Holy Spirit can be like watching a Polaroid picture develop. The Holy Spirit is holding the picture and we’re just a part of the development process.

20 Ways to Pray for Worship Leaders

Here are 20 ways to pray for worship leaders starting with: Pray for worship leaders that they never sacrifice their family for ministry since their family is ministry.

As Synod on Catholic Church’s Future Begins, Abuse Survivors Demand Equal...

As Catholics meet in Rome this month for a historic Vatican summit to discuss power structures in the church, abuse survivors and their advocates say their topic will be on everyone’s minds but nobody’s agenda.

Arthur Brooks: Why You Don’t Need To Have a Midlife (Ministry)...

Dr. Arthur Brooks joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share what few people realize about professional decline and how church leaders can make the most of the second half of their lives.

Articles for Worship & Creative