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Articles for worship & creative leaders help them face daunting challenges to lead their churches into relevant, meaningful, and God-filled worship. More than ever, worship leaders need worship resources and creative resources to enable them to advance the gospel of Jesus in worship. ChurchLeaders.com is dedicated to providing resources and information for every worship pastor. If you serve on a church staff as a worship leader, musician, song leader, creative director, or any other worship role, you’ll find must-have worship resources and connections to a community of church leaders for greater Kingdom impact worldwide.

Worship & creative leaders from every denomination find ideas, encouragement, inspiration, articles for worship & creative leaders, and support they are looking for here at ChurchLeaders.com. Join millions of worship & creative leaders who look to us for resources and encouragement for worship leadership.

Leading your church in worship is not only about music and the arts, but it is also about your relationship with Jesus. You will find inspiration, encouragement, and help to keep your relationship with God strong and vibrant.

Song Ideas for Good Friday and Easter

Song Ideas for Good Friday and Easter

Glenn Packiam gives a few song ideas for Good Friday and Easter Sunday. There are so many great worship songs about the cross and forgiveness and the sacrifice Christ made for us. Discover more song ideas for Good Friday and Easter.
Memorize Worship

How to Memorize Worship Songs

There are a great many benefits when you memorize worship songs, allowing you to be more in the moment musically, more focused on the Lord spiritually, and more able to lead the congregation pastorally.
ash wednesday

Planning a Worship Service for Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is a day to be recognized. Here are some ideas for a worship service on this significant day.
ash wednesday songs

Songs for an Ash Wednesday Service

One leader shares his suggested choices for an Ash Wednesday service.

2 Compelling Reasons to Observe Lent

Lent itself is a season—40 days long—of fasting. Lent reinforces our desire to follow Christ and become like Him. Here are more reasons to observe lent.

This Nine-Question Idolatry Quiz Will Ruin Your Day

The Apostle Paul says that at the core of all our sin is idolatry. He didn’t just mean bowing down to statues (though that counts). Idolatry is much bigger than that.
The Gift of Clear Vision

The Gift of Clear Vision … Be Thou My Vision

I know what it's like to not have the gift of clear vision. I was born with terrible vision. By the age of two...
9 Lessons Young Worship Leaders Need to Learn

9 Lessons Young Worship Leaders Need to Learn

These are the kinds of things I wish I was told when I started leading worship. Which is why I compiled this list. If you’d like, share this with the young worship leaders you’re working with.
worship services

5 Terrible Ideas That Will Make Your Worship Services Fake

If your church’s average attendee is 45-plus and you target 17 in your worship services, you are probably creating a group of worshippers who try very hard to connect to what they are asked to sing, but most likely don’t.
hear the word

How Do You Listen to a Sermon?

From the Scriptures and catechism, we can draw out four principles that show whether or not we are sincere when we hear the Word.
Music Matters

3 Reasons Music Matters

We worship...but why do we do so with music?
prepare for worship

4 Ways to Really Prepare for Worship

Do you know how to prepare for worship on Sunday morning? If we aren’t prepared on Sunday to respond to God’s countless blessings that occurred all week, how could our worship leaders possibly lead enough songs to prepare us?
Great Songs for Worship

12 Keys to Picking Great Songs for Worship

Picking great songs for worship is one of the most important skills a worship leader needs to learn. There are many different kinds and levels of worship songs. Here are 12 keys to do it well.
social media

8 Social Media Trends for 2020 Most Relevant To The Church

More than 3.2 billion people worldwide are active on social media every day. It has become the way we communicate, relate and learn. As such, it is simply indispensable to the mission of the church. This means that keeping abreast of the biggest trends within social media is critical.
moral failure

What Constitutes “Moral Failure”?

Figuring out when it's time to remove someone from ministry.
Puritan worship

The Rule and Songs of Puritan Worship

When we build on the foundation of the Gospel in our worship, what rule should govern our building? By “rule” I mean what controls, regulates, and fills what we say and do in worship.
What's Your Philosophy of Worship?

What’s Your Philosophy of Worship?

Does your congregation have a Philosophy of Worship? If you are developing your own standards for your worship ministry, this is a good place to start.
reading your bible

4 Ways to Make Reading Your Bible a Daily Habit in 2020

How are you at reading your Bible on a regular basis? Research tells us that the more people engage with God’s Word the more they long to engage God’s Word.
Christian Music Albums

Here Are the Top 10 Christian Music Albums from 2019

Here are the top 10 Christian music albums in 2019. Lauren Daigle and the recently released Jesus Is King from Kanye West took the top 3 spots. Check out the rest and see if there are any you missed that came out this year, or just need to re-listen to.
lifting of hands in worship

10 Things You Should Know About the Lifting of Hands in Worship

Worship involves our bodies as well as our hearts and minds. Our posture tells a story.

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When both his parents were hospitalized, Young Life leader Tyler Olen Marcus reached out to his friends on Facebook to pray for their recovery from coronavirus. More than 800 people commented that they were joining with Tyler's family for the much-needed miracle.

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