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5 Ways Praying Psalms Will Completely Change Your Life

Praying Psalms means talking to God about what comes to mind as you read through the Psalms. I believe the Book of Psalms is the best place in Scripture from which to pray Scripture.

Talent vs Skill – What Every Worship Leader Should Know

Anyone can develop a skill, but not everyone is blessed with talent. Often we confuse the two. And for a worship leader, sometimes it comes down to talent vs skill.

7 Ways to Lose Ministry Volunteers

If ministry volunteers aren’t validated in the ministry you lead, then they will look for another place where they are.

WATCH: Tim Tebow at K-LOVE Fan Awards

As Tim Tebow at K-LOVE Fan Awards said, “He has commanded us to go defend the weak, protect the poor, go after those that are hurting.”

Thanksgiving: the Forgotten Holiday

I call Thanksgiving The Forgotten Holiday. Retailers are so eager to get Christmas sales they overlook it, and worship leaders are so busy preparing for Advent.

9 Ways to Build Prayer Into a Worship Service

Getting prayer into your church means building prayer into the DNA of a congregation.

The True Story of Thanksgiving

For the Christian, with both feet standing firmly in the good news of Jesus, there are possibilities for a true story of thanksgiving which we otherwise would never know. 

Can Worship and Doubt Coexist?

I once learned a great deal about the relationship between worship and doubt by looking at the two verses that come just before the famous Great Commission verses.

5 Bad Ideas That Will Make Your Service Fake

You feel fake vibes when hoping for authentic ones. Regardless, what makes a worship service fake might be boiled down to five basic things.

3 Ingredients for True Worship

I challenge you to engage in true worship. There are three ingredients for true worship in which we all can grow. Learn to use these three principle ingredients for true worship!

97-Yr-Old Grandpa Sings ‘How Great Thou Art’ to Jesus Just Before Going to Heaven

If you knew it was your last day on earth, would you spend it singing praises to the King? That’s exactly what this sweet 97-year-old grandpa did in a video that is tugging on heartstrings across the Internet.

Great Christian Art Flows From the Great Artist Himself

Some of the greatest art in history has been Christian art. From Bach to Chance the Rapper; from Rembrandt to William Blake; and from Milton to Gerard Manley Hopkins, the Lord's words have come to life in ten million ways.

20 Differences From Worship Songs from Psalms

"Beware of presumption. We serve a holy God, not a cuddly best mate."

8 Significant Tips To Improve Your Worship

We don’t get our way. The mysteries are too big and our desires are too small. But there are ways to worship that move from a complaint-driven life to a worship-filled life.

How to Plan for Advent

I’d like to make a case, in whatever church/denominational/liturgical setting you lead, that you try to aim for at least three things as you plan for Advent.

Joe McKeever: How to Liven Up a Dull Worship Service

Here are some thoughts from veteran pastor Joe McKeever on how to liven up a dull whorship service.

Good Christian Movies: 10 Movies That Aren’t Half Bad!

They say all Christian movies are bad but actually these movies are pretty good! These good Christian movies are definitely worth streaming.

Singing Hymns in Church – 4 Reasons You Should Keep Them

Singing for the Christian is formative and responsive, and therefore must be informed by Scripture. The importance of hymns is that we learn what we sing.

In-Person Experiences – What the Church Can Learn From the NFL

I emphatically believe that local churches must provide physical gatherings because in-person experiences create better authentic spiritual community and connection.

Second Generation Pastor Shares New Details, Statement on Incident When Officer...

On Aug. 25, 2019, Rev. Joseph Rizzuti Sr., was tased by an officer with the Worcester Police Department in Worcester, Massachusetts. Rizzuti Sr.'s son, Pastor Joseph Rizzuti Jr., has shared new details with ChurchLeaders regarding what transpired that day.

Max Lucado: ‘The One Thing That Has Helped Me More Than...

Max Lucado joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to share his best tips for creating and delivering a sermon that draws people in.

Articles for Worship & Creative