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Drive-by "Guiltings"

Intense sermon delivery motivates some but can "beat up" others. Larry Osborne offers help.

Memphis Church Welcomes New Mosque

Despite protests against other Islamic centers in the area, a Tenn. church warmly welcomes their new Islamic neighbors.

Quran Burning Could Threaten Troops

A Florida-based church plans to publicly burn copies of the Quran on Sept. 11, despite official warnings against it.

Exclusive Q&A with Todd Rhoades

We talk to Todd about game changers, Snow White, and his role with The NINES.

A Climate of Healthy, Helpful Criticism

Ed Young recommends fostering a leadership environment of honest communication.

The Trouble with Free

Ben Arment says if you want people to truly value what you’re offering, make it hard to get.

Obama, Beck: Who's a Christian?

What do you think? Is the faith of prominent figures open for public debate?

Driscoll Responds to Rice "Quitting" Christianity

Mark Driscoll responds to Anne Rice's exodus from Christianity.

Chan Answers Questions About Leaving

Chan talks with Mark Driscoll and Josh Harris about leaving Cornerstone.

Where Do You Add the Most Value?

"I fell into the trap of trying to be a 'well-rounded' leader," says Casey Ross.

NIV Revision Nearly Completed

The first revision of the New International Version will begin production very soon.

Methodists Find Four Key Factors for Growth

Scholars say the survey is the first denomination-wide survey of its kind.

The Sin Double-Standard: What Do You Think?

Russell Moore deals with the double-standard of preaching against homosexuality but not divorce.

The Lazarus Church: Resurrecting a Dying Ministry

Breathing new life back into a dying congregation isn’t an easy task, but it is possible.

Church Coffee and the Pursuit of Excellence

Not all church coffee is bad, but the issue that poor church coffee raises is deeper and more troubling. It is that much of...

Is Your Message Too Creative?

Although creative communication can be effective, if not used properly, it can become distracting or gimmicky.

How to Activate Your Congregation

Here’s the reality: Your members are looking to you for motivation

Why Honesty is Tricky for Pastors

"I am increasingly convinced that people don’t want the whole truth," says Shaun King.

UnLearning Church

Mike Slaughter: "A one-size-fits-all approach toward growth will definitely not be the most effective model of the 21st century."

Breaking the Rural Rules

"Let there be no doubt that the vision of the leader becomes the vision of the church," says Shannon O'Dell.

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