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Teens: A Stressed-Out Generation

Are today's teens the most stressed-out generation?

Whatever Happened to College Ministry?

Reggie Joiner, Abbie Smith and Chuck Bomar share why young adults are disengaging from the church and what we can do about it.

Barna: Disturbing News on Youth Evangelism

A new study shows a decline of faith-related behavior by young evangelical Christians.

Casual Sex Losing Some Appeal for Young Adults

Research shows a growing number of college students are saying "no" to casual sex.

Youth Violence Increasing; Recession Blamed

Most Americans agree that youth violence is increasing because of the recession.

More Than Half of All Pastors and 64 Percent of Youth Pastors Have Struggled...

The Barna Group released some startling stats from an in-depth research study on the problem of porn—and the results are eye-opening, especially for ministry leaders.

Study Shows Abstinence-Only is Effective

Abstinence-Only is Effective, Study Shows

Youth Workers: How Do You Know When God Is Moving You?

This past weekend I shared breakfast with my YS roommate. Bruegger’s Bagels and chocolate milk, case you were wondering. Our discussion centered on the question,...

The Compass of a Great Question

I’ve started to collect some questions that I ask myself regularly to keep me on track with God.

What Keeps Youth Volunteers Coming Back For More

These are a few keys in keeping your volunteers happy in their ministry.

Church Relevance

This semester I am taking a class called “Christianity and Culture.” I can tell already this class is going to have a profound impact...

College Daze: Destroying Freshman Faith

How the First Week of College Can Completely Destroy a Freshman's Faith

Youth Ministry Heartburn

My friend Heartburn and I have been hanging out a lot lately. He (or she...I definitely don't want to discriminate here :) hasn't been...

Middle School Message Momentum

At the beginning of the semester I worked on putting together a nine-week series for our middle schoolers that was highly experiential. It was...


I sit in my office today dreaming of the Thanksgiving feast tomorrow, it's hard to concentrate on much else and I would rather be...

10 Reasons to Love (and Hate) Lock-Ins

Ten reasons why I love (and hate) our annual youth lock-in: 10. Seeing the student’s faces when they realize that they must “endure”...

Youth Service Planning: 5 Benefits of a Program Sheet

I’ve been posting a few of our program sheets from our weekend service lately – in part because quite a few people have been...

4 Skills Your Next Youth Pastor HAS to Have

If I were a senior pastor, this is what I would be looking for in a youth pastor. If you are a youth pastor...

3 Ways to Make Sure a Youth Ministry Project Fails

I think I might have just inadvertently sabotaged the launch of a new high school service time. Here’s what I did to make sure...

3 Things Youth Workers Need to be Good At

Josh Griffin identifies three must-have skills for youth leaders as they relate to others.

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