Articles for Youth Leaders

How to Protect Against (Spiritual) Identity Theft

Doug Fields shares about one of the critical tasks facing youth workers today.

A Consuming Generation

How many hours do students spend in media each week? The results may surprise you.

Study: American 'Millennials' Spiritually Diverse

Thirty-one percent of Millennials pray by themselves at least once a day.

Is 'See You at the Pole' Still Making an Impact?

2010 marks the 20th Anniversary of 'See You at the Pole'.

4 Minutes Wisely Invested

The four minutes it takes to write a thank-you note could be the most fruitful ones of your week.

How Youth Workers Benefit From Conferences

A few pointers to help convince your boss that you should attend a youth conference.

Moving Students Beyond Fun

Greg Stier: "What might happen if we begin to make our youth ministries evangelism-centric?"

Pulling Tails and Burning Korans

"The weapon we fight with is love, not hatred, living water, not burning fire," says Greg Stier.

Youth Services: Everything is the Message

Your sermon is not the only message you send to your teens—Josh Griffin explains why.

What Parents Want From Their Youth Worker

Find out the four most important things you can do for your kids' parents.

3 Rules for Youth Leaders and Facebook

Josh Griffin shares 3 simple guidelines for updating your social networks.

Why I Love Youth Workers

Doug Fields touts the best things about working with a great youth ministry team.

6 Reminders When Ministering to Students

Josh Griffin offers thoughts from 1 Thes. 5 on how to reach students with Christ's love.

What Do Junior Highers Struggle With Most?

Kurt Johnson discusses the basis of most struggles for middle school students.

How To Handle A Suicidal Teen

Megan Hutchinson encourages youth leaders to be equipped for dealing with severely depressed kids.

The Goal of Every Youth Leader

Andy Blanks reminds us of the beautiful, yet simple call in Scripture for every leader.

Author Warns Parents of "Fake Christianity"

A new book says today's generation of teens is falling victim to a "spineless" faith.

Teaching Students Purity

What if a million students committed their lives to purity?

Deep Discipleship with Youth

Doug Fields offers tips for an outstanding discipleship retreat for teens.

3 Ways to Fight the Urge to Quit

"You don’t have to be a youth worker very long before you feel the urge to quit."

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