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100 Remarkable Reasons to Thank God This Thanksgiving


  1. If you have running water in your home, thank God.
  2. If that water is clean (hasn’t made you sick or killed you), thank God.
  3. If you can take a hot shower whenever you want, thank God.
  4. If you have indoor plumbing, thank God.
  5. Thank God for electricity.
  6. If you breath fresh air, thank God.
  7. If you can heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer, thank God.
  8. If people regularly come to your house and take away your trash, thank God.
  9. If people bring your mail six days a week, thank God.


  1. Remember as many elementary teachers as you can and thank God.
  2. Remember as many middle/high school teachers and coaches as you can and thank God.
  3. Remember as many college professors and professional mentors as you can and thank God.
  4. For every time you made it to graduation, thank God.
  5. If you had the talent or ability to participate in a sport, choir, band, club, etc., thank God.
  6. Estimate how many books you’ve read and learned from, and thank God.


  1. If you’ve ever enjoyed laughing with a friend, thank God.
  2. If you’ve ever had someone hold you while you cried, thank God.
  3. If you’ve ever had a friend unexpectedly meet a need, thank God.
  4. If you’ve ever had someone tell you they love you, thank God.
  5. If you’ve ever gotten married, thank God.
  6. If God has blessed you with children, thank God.
  7. Thank God for every member of your family.
  8. Thank God for every member of your extended family.
  9. Thank God for strangers who have blessed you.

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