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Abortion Billboard in Dallas Raises Outrage Over Two Key Issues

Abortion Billboard Draws the Line on the Abortion Issue

“If the word abortion feels like a dog whistle”?? The Afiya Center seems to think people have been trained to respond and fight simply because of terminology—not because of principle. In fact the Afiya Center posts on their site: “Bundles of cells aren’t people. Anywho, we believe women should have access to the full access of reproductive healthcare services, period.”

One commenter completely agreed: “I saw the billboard on the way home today. I was like dag…they got some big a$$ ovaries to put that up there! Thank you for making the full spectrum of health care avail to our community. Ppl have been brainwashed to think the abortion debate is about death and dead fetuses when it’s actually about WOMEN HAVING A CHOICE OF WHAT TO DO WITH THEIR BODIES.”

But a lone voice asked: “How is abortion self-care??? Its SELFISH and SELF-PRESERVATION. Self-care is PREVENTION before the pregnancy not INTERVENTION afterward. Smh”

And, finally, this commenter: “I am not against a woman’s choice to her reproductive rights but why is it that this so called choice is often shoved down the people of African decent throat. It is so easy to see that these ‘clinics’ are mostly stationed in the black community. The Self love is not aborting the most innocent ones that is call looking out for self, selfishness. Self love is building one self up spiritually, physically, financial, socially, and intellectually.

“Loving oneself is about being aware of what is going on statistically with the community in which one is apart of. It is about knowing who we are as an individual and as a community. If we don’t understand our community and the plot to exterminate us from not only America but the entire world we will never know what it means to love ourselves. I suggest that our people pick up a book and learn about the Tuskegee experiments, or the statistics on the fact that young black women face sterilization from doctors for fibroids or other female health issues at a much higher rate then other races or just any topic facing the black community. That is self love.

“Exercise, eat healthier, meditate, pray, go to a spa, seek out a therapist if needed. But if you want to avoid conception, pregnancy and ultimately childbirth, seek birth control options there are so many options and many with very low failure rates, if sexually active and is not ready or willing to have children but this should be that last option and there is no love in it. P.s. i will not debate for I understand that for some there is no other option but again I say this is NOT self love.”

Jackie Hill Perry has wise words for all women in her article “To a Woman Considering Abortion“:

“This world is bursting with self-centeredness. If there is one thing we are all skilled at, it is being selfish. We reckon that living for someone other than self seems foolish at best. I am sensitive to your predicament, but I must be frank with you about its root. The root of your desire to abort your child is selfishness…Just for a moment, I want you to step outside of yourself and imagine all of the beauty that could be if only you’d choose life over death, motherhood over murder, sacrifice over selfishness and true joy over empty lies.”

While this article presents varied views, we wish to let you know what we believe here at ChurchLeaders.

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