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Russia’s First FM Christian Station Faces Another Crisis

“I think God gave us the privilege of being the first to do it, simply because we knew there was a need and we went in there to try to meet the need,” Johnson said.

“But at the same time if you’re the first at something, people look at you and you have to constantly be an example of doing things right, and that’s a constant challenge for us. Our format has to reflect the best in Christian radio. If you’re true to God’s Word, the reputation of your broadcast will be apparent to all.”

Even before the current crisis, New Life has faced its share of challenges and adversity.

During the presidency of Vladimir Putin, laws affecting both the freedom of Christian evangelism and the freedom of media increased gradually, threatening a shutdown of the station’s headquarters in Magadan.

These restrictive laws prompted the move to the Ukraine, where the laws allow much more freedom for media.

Now facing another relocation, Johnson said moving would simply be a matter of packing up the station’s bags and driving several hours across the border to Moldova. The team would then begin to evaluate the permanence of the move and how to proceed.

Johnson asked American Christians to pray not only for New Life, but also for the nations of Russia and Ukraine as a whole.

“The first thing I think people can pray for is peace between these two countries because with peace everything else is possible,” Johnson said. “Pray that God would intervene in the lives of these two people groups. Pray for the political leaders in Russia, Ukraine and America.

“Additionally, pray that the Russian government would relax the laws against the Church, and pray for the existing ministries like us that are able to do work across Russia and Ukraine.”

More information about New Life Radio can be found at Christian Radio for Russia’s website.

This article originally appeared at Baptist Press.