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Phil McGraw and Ed Young Discuss God’s Calling, Parenting and the ‘Woke Mob’ During Sunday Service

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Screengrabs from YouTube / @EdYoung

Dr. Phil McGraw recently spoke at Pastor Ed Young’s Fellowship Church (FC), where McGraw shared his thoughts on topics including parenting, envy, and the importance of the church to society.

“The church brings something to the family unit that causes cohesion, that causes values to be thought of and talked about and prayerfully considered,” McGraw said, speaking on the importance of marriage and the family. “Family in America is under attack. We need to fight back with the tools we have, and one of the tools that we have is our active relationship with God.”

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Phil McGraw Joins Ed Young in Sunday Service

Phil McGraw is a clinical psychologist and television personality who rose to fame through his appearances on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” He is perhaps best known for his syndicated television program, “Dr. Phil,” where he offered advice to guests and which aired for over 20 years.

McGraw has been the subject of various controversies throughout his career. Some of these surround his decision in 2006 to stop his license to practice psychology and his overall approach to psychology on his show. He has also been accused of abusive and unethical practices and has been the subject of several lawsuits. 

Ed and Lisa Young are the founding pastors of Fellowship Church, a megachurch in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Pastor Ed Young spoke to Phil McGraw onstage in front of the FC congregation in a conversation posted to the church’s YouTube page on Sunday, April 7.

Calling McGraw “one of the most powerful voices in the world today,” Young began by mentioning McGraw’s new book, “We’ve Got Issues: How You Can Stand Strong for America’s Soul and Sanity” and McGraw’s new media network, Merit Street Media, which has a business partnership with Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).

McGraw observed that society in the United States has undergone significant changes since “Dr. Phil” first aired in 2002. In particular, he pointed out the increasing influence of the internet and smartphones. While technology is beneficial, it allows misinformation and conspiracy theories to spread quickly. McGraw also mentioned cults, saying that at 10,000, “We have more cults active in America today than at any time ever before today.” 

People are hesitant to speak the truth nowadays because of cancel culture, but McGraw said he is not afraid to speak up against the “woke mob” trying to rewrite truth in every area of life. “I don’t care,” he said. “Somebody has to stand up and speak out, and I just believe that’s what God wants me to do.” 

McGraw’s book lays out principles needed for a society to survive. For example, he says it is important for people to identify what their purpose is. “Be prayerful,” he said, and really ponder what your purpose might be. His own purpose is “to talk about things that matter to people who care.”