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‘It Was Not Abuse Nor Was It Assault’: Johnny Hunt Responds To Guidepost Report, Admits To Improper Consensual Encounter

“This is the reason why I denied the accuracy of the report, and why I deny it, now,” Hunt said.

“As I said in my statement on Sunday: I have never abused anybody,” Hunt repeated. “With God as my witness, while the situation described in the Guidepost report is based in reality, the allegation made in the report is false.”

Hunt apologized for not explaining the details of the situation sooner but said he was in shock by the allegations of abuse and just “shut down.”

The report stated that Hunt denied ever entering the woman’s condo or joining her on her condo’s balcony (pg. 159). Hunt claimed during a Guidepost interview that after he and the woman spoke briefly on their own balconies, he never spoke to her again during their time there.

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The report also states that Hunt denied that any sexual encounter, including abuse, occurred between him and the woman in his interview with Guidepost investigators.

Hunt Explains Why He Didn’t Confess Earlier

Hunt justified not previously confessing the improper encounter to his church, of which he was the pastor at the time of the incident, by stating that it’s a biblical principle “that sin is foremost against God (Ps. 51:4).”

Hunt also shared that he’s taught “that confession should be as broad as the offense.” Therefore, since he sought forgiveness from those he’d sin against and was under the care of professionals, he believed he had fulfilled everything the Bible required of him.

“So, now, I ask all of you also to please forgive me,” Hunt said. “As I did twelve years ago, and again today, I confess that I sinned. I crossed a line. I repent in brokenness and shame. I turn from my sin, again. Back then, I confessed and sought forgiveness from all persons I sinned against. I would ask the same of all that learn of my confession, now. Please forgive me.”

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Hunt said that he has submitted himself to the care of godly leaders to seek restoration and takes full responsibility for his actions.

“For all of those whose ministries I have influenced over many years,” Hunt said, “my prayer is that this season—the most difficult of my 50 year ministry—is a reminder to every one of you that no spiritual leader is beyond temptation.”

Hunt concluded by thanking God for His grace and apologizing again to anyone he has disappointed. The former pastor and former SBC president ended with words from the Apostle Paul’s letter to Timothy, saying, “This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief.”