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‘Let’s Keep Sharing the Light and Love of Jesus’—Megan Danielle Advances to the Top 3 of ‘American Idol’

A Third Single, ‘Dream Girl,’ Releases This Week

Danielle describes herself on her Spotify profile, “I am a Christian Singer/Songwriter just trying to share the love of Jesus!” The outspoken follower of Christ has a growing fan base as she continues as a recording artist.

The artist is ecstatic about the release of her third single, “Dream Girl.” In a Facebook post Danielle shared, “I’m still trying to wrap my head around making [it] into the finale but remember how I said something cool is coming soon????” She continued, “My new single ‘Dream Girl’ drops this Friday and I just can’t stop smiling!”

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In addition to “Dream Girl,” Danielle has released two other singles. The first, “Top of the World,” was released in 2021. “I think I broke the wings off that little songbird,” say the lyrics. “She’s just never gonna fly to the top of the world.”

And, “All Around,” another single by Danielle, came out just last year. The lyrics read in part, “I know he is with you. He is with you. He is with you. / I know he is for you. He is for you. He is for you.”

The soulful country singer captures a range of emotions with each song and within every performance.

Megan Danielle’s Hometown—Her Greatest Group of Supporters

No one could be prouder of Megan Danielle’s success than her mom and her entire hometown of Douglasville, Georgia. Both Danielle and her mom work at a local restaurant in the small town and have captured the hearts of the community.

Douglas County Government, the City of Douglasville, and the Douglas County School System are all working together to create an entire day of celebration for the rising star.

“We are thrilled to welcome Megan home and celebrate her success,” mentioned Douglas County Board of Commissioners Vice-Chairman Tarenia Carthan. “We are so proud of what she has accomplished and the hope she represents for all of us who dare to dream big.”

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The collaborative effort will last for several hours and starts with a parade through town. A pep rally and proclamation—by both the city and county—will follow on the O’Neal Plaza. A perfect ending to a beautiful day involves a concert by Danielle herself at Douglas County High School, where she graduated just a few years back.

Cameras will be rolling throughout the day, capturing footage of Danielle’s hometown to be shown at the show’s finale, which airs on Sunday, May 21.