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Life Skills Your Church Can Teach the World

Conversation — Teach people how to disagree without being disagreeable. We don’t talk much anymore. We argue. We take positions. But discussion? Elevating small groups in your church at every age (including adults) teaches people to value dialogue and recover the lost art of conversation. You can disagree without being disagreeable.

Time With God — Help people feed themselves spiritually. It’s becoming abundantly clear to me that even many Christians do not know how to have a time with God. In the last six months, we have done two 40-day spiritual journeys (Bold and Your Next 40 Days), providing devotions for people on a daily basis. We almost didn’t run the second one because we thought it would be cliche. How wrong we were. We have had thousands of hits on our blog as people access the devotions, and the response to the second journey has been bigger than the first. I’m increasingly writing posts like this to help people figure out how to connect with God.

Maybe one of the keys to the future church will not just be helping people see what to do, but helping them learn how to do it.

What are you helping people do these days? What other skills do you see an opportunity to help people with?  

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