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Your Church Isn't Growing … Obviously

I have a conviction. Disagree with it if you want, but I believe it to the core of my being. God wants churches to grow. Healthy churches, their veins coursing with the power of the Holy Spirit, are meant to grow! Maybe not all at the same pace, or amount, or regimen, but grow they will.

Which leads to a simple question: You don’t have to ask yourself how to grow your church. You have to ask yourself what is keeping your church from growing.

Here are 20 ideas. I am not going to elaborate, or define, any of these. I believe they are self-explanatory, and if you feel they apply to you, much of the benefit is seeking to work out what you think it might mean for your church. But read through the list; if your church isn’t growing, I believe there is a reason.

Maybe one of these is why:

1. You aren’t praying for growth.

2. Your location is counterproductive.

3. You have unresolved divisions, tensions and discord within the staff and/or congregation.

4. Your lead communicator does not have the spiritual gift of communication.

5. You are methodologically, stylistically and strategically out of date.

6. Your leader(ship) does not have the spiritual gift of leadership.

7. You are watering down the message of the gospel.

8. Your church structure stifles leadership, innovation and front-line decision-making.

9. You have not taught, challenged or led the church to provide adequate financial resources.