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Have You Hugged a Heretic Today?

What if your church was infested?

Not infested with roaches or termites. What if your church was infested with heretics?

What if there were people who were actually inside your church, people who sat in church every Sunday, who pretended to be like you and me, but they were anything but? What if they were imposters who did not catch the “vision” of your church? What if someone was not so sure about some of the basic faith tenants that your pastor teaches?

Would you round them up?

Would you interrogate them?

Would you “bug bomb” your church to get rid of the heretics once and for all and keep the church pure and clean?

Well here’s the thing, people. Our churches are infested. And it’s up to us to decide what we are going to do about it.

Time to Smoke Out the Heretics

Believe it or not, your church is literally crawling with heretics. It is an infestation of biblical proportions.

Someone will come to church on Sunday and will sit and listen, but they will doubt.

Maybe someone in your church speaks in tongues … secretly. Or perhaps that heretic over there secretly does not speak in tongues.

There will be a man or a woman who believes the Supreme Court made the right decision in regard to Hobby Lobby. Or there will be someone who will secretly believe they got it wrong. There may be a person who is not so sure that “Plan B” and “Ella” are abortifacients.

Look around at church on Sunday and you will find someone who thinks that the illegal immigrants who are pouring over the border should be given warm food and a bed and allowed to stay as long as they please. Or maybe you’ll find someone who believes that the rule of law needs to be enforced at the border. I know, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Shocking.

There will be someone who voted for President Obama. Or you could find someone who voted against him.

Perhaps the heretic sitting next to you actually believes that gays should be allowed to marry. Or wait, maybe the heretic secretly opposes gay marriage. You might find a heretic who believes women should have a broader role in ministry … or a heretic who, somehow, believes that women should not be in ministry.

I know, it is appalling, but there are all manner of heretics, infidels and unbelievers in our churches. They are right under our noses.