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The Dis-ease of the Presidential Race

Presidential Race

In the last couple of months, the candidates for the 2016 presidential race have narrowed from a wide range to just two presumptive candidates. From initial shock to utter disbelief, a range of emotions has surfaced with the realization of who is still left in this race. Of all the feelings that are surfacing, the most pressing is my discomfort.

I am uncomfortable with voting for either candidate.
I am uncomfortable with their records.
I am uncomfortable with the trajectory of our country.
I am uncomfortable with the future awaiting my three young children.

In all of my frustrations, disappointment and disbelief, the only thing that I am comfortable with is knowing that this is exactly where God wants me—uncomfortable.

We Have No Lasting City Here

Sure, like most Americans, I had a “guy” that I wanted to win, one that my husband and I even supported financially. And like most Americans, I was still hopeful that “my guy” would win and change things around. My hopes weren’t met, but I was putting my hope in the wrong place, in a person.

This is not an article about which candidate to vote for, or about whether or not we should vote at all in this year’s election. This is a reminder that if you, like me, are uncomfortable with our only options, this is where the Lord wants us to be and this is what he wants us to feel. Scripture reminds us that this is not our home (Philippians 3:20), and that our hope is not ultimately in this world.

“Here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come” (Hebrews 13:14).

Free Citizens of Heaven

When I live my daily life in a state of comfort—in my marriage, my parenting, my regular routine—I am often not looking to Jesus and leaning on Jesus. I am not mindful of the mission he’s given me. The Christian life was never meant to be comfortable and carefree. Jesus did not die for my earthly comfort.

There is great hope laid out for any Christian uncomfortable with the November election because our hope is in Jesus. Our discomfort is a fresh reminder of the work that is still needed in this lost and hurting world: our charge to share the good news with our neighbors and co-workers (even those with differing political views).

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Janel Barr lives in El Paso, TX with her husband and their three children.