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9 Ways to Increase Motivation for Life

8. Read something new

Reading always invigorates me. I love to read new books. I often feel we are only one good book away from success in any given area of our life.

If you are struggling for new inspiration, energy or ideas, maybe you just need to set aside some time to dive into a new book. Inspiration often comes when we least expect it, and when we stop looking for it.

9. Take some “Me” time

Maybe you just need to take a break? The Bible highlights the importance of a “Sabbath” to lay aside our work and busyness one day a week to rest, reflect and remember God.

Some friends and I read The Emotionally Healthy Leader by Peter Scazzerro this past year, and it impacted all of us profoundly. One friend and his wife began doing distinct breaks one day a week for “sabbath.” Although this isn’t a command for those who follow Christ, there are still clear benefits to doing it. He recently shared with me how transformational it has been. He doesn’t do any work, or even projects around the house. It is a day set aside to enjoy time as a family, think of fun things to do, and relish life. Doesn’t just the thought of that fill you with excitement?

Maybe taking some time off, planning a restful vacation (or “stay-cation”) or planning a regular day or weekend off will refresh you with new motivation to continue to live your life to the fullest. The main thing is to think about what refreshes you, what you enjoy, and what would be super fun, and to find more time to do those things.

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