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Ecclesiastes: Searching for Happiness

God isn’t upset that you like all the blessings he’s given you. In fact, they’re all gifts from him. The problem is when you expect them to give your life meaning and make you happy. They were never designed to do that. They’re meant to point you to what will ultimately satisfy your soul, and that is him. In fact, he’s done everything to make it possible for you to find your happiness in him, by sending his own Son to show us what he’s like and to bring us into relationship with him. He wants your ultimate happiness, and he knows the only way you’ll have it is if you find it in him through Jesus.

We won’t find happiness in learning, pleasure, or achievement, but earthly joys point us to the One who can satisfy us.

So enjoy this life. Love your work. Enjoy your relationships. Have fun. Eat great food. But don’t expect any of this to satisfy you. They are good gifts from the One who can ultimately satisfy you, and when you have God and these gifts you will have something.

Father, help us to enjoy your gifts as signposts to what will ultimately satisfy us, which is you. May we all find the happiness we’re looking for in you through Jesus. I pray in his name. Amen.

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