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What Does Your Front Door Say About Your Church?

What stands out after entering an Apple Store? They’re insanely passionate about experience and technology. How about Starbucks? They’re insanely passionate about atmosphere and coffee.

How about your facility? What are you insanely passionate about as a church? Does your facility communicate this message? Better yet, does your front door experience communicate this message?

A few months ago, I asked a local church these very questions. As a result, we agreed their food pantry best reflected the church’s core values. However, walk through the front door and nothing. Nothing about this pantry. It was hidden, housed in a back closet.

In the end, we relocated their food pantry front and center. Walk in and bam. People instantly know they’re insanely passionate about caring and serving. No need to hear messages or read bulletins as they now showcase core values. Their facility speaks on their behalf.

You see, facilities have a voice. They communicate loudly and strongly. Need some help with your front door experience? Simply follow these two steps:

1. Identify the items your church is insanely passionate about.

2. Align your front door experience to showcase them.

Identify and align. Don’t make it complicated. Showcase core values and you’ll compel people to action. Through action, you’ll witness life change. Bingo, we have a winner!

List your church’s passions in the comments, and let’s brainstorm some ideas together.  

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I’ve always loved impacting and transforming the landscapes of life. So, I acquired a degree in civil engineering and jumped into the world of land development. With these skill sets, God provided an opportunity to come alongside my local congregation and guide the development of parking and recreational facilities. This opportunity ignited a light bulb which is the ability to blend the skills of my mind with the passions of my heart. Through grace the Lord connected me to the Aspen Group where this blending is carried out daily. I’m so blessed!