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When Does Fear Work FOR You?

But as the context reveals, their terror is no longer connected to what they were going through:

They were terrified and they asked each other, “Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!” (verse 41)

What happened to the disciples through this event is a shift I believe God wants to set in motion in each of our hearts. You see, when the winds started, the disciples were afraid of the storm. But after they saw who Jesus was, their fear of the storm was replaced with the fear of the Lord.

We don’t have to fear what we face when we know whom we’re trusting in. The only thing we ever have to be afraid of is that we would ever live one moment of one day outside the protection of the One who can command the wind and the waves to be still.

The word of the Lord may be coming to still your storm in this moment.

Maybe your boat has been filling up with what-ifs. But as you’re reading, you’re hearing a voice that’s louder than the storm. And you’re starting to realize what the devil hoped you’d never discover: Anytime Jesus is on board, the storm is outranked.

Nevertheless, the storms rage on. No amount of spiritual training can keep the waves of what-if from coming or can decrease their velocity, at least not on our command.

What, then, shall we do with the what-ifs?

Here’s the mistake most people make: They entertain the what-if, but they don’t enter it deeply enough with the searchlight of truth.

So, instead of just wading into our what-ifs, it’s time to dive deep into them and find out what’s at the bottom.

You either kick fear out of your heart or it will keep you out of the places God has prepared for you.