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16 Smart Questions Church Leaders Must Ask

5. Does core leadership intimately understand the mission of your church? Do your members?

Your mission should become part of your church’s DNA.

At Northpark Church, we say this phrase each and every service:

“We exist to build life-long followers of Christ.”

6. Am I adequately investing in myself?

I recently heard Warren Buffett say, “The most valuable thing an individual can do is invest in themselves.”

What book are you reading? What conference are you attending in the next six months? What personal goals are you currently working toward?

7. Am I protecting my sabbath?

If you let it, ministry will soon become a 24/7 job. And it’ll rob your passion.

Pick one day a week to rest, and do whatever it takes to protect it.

If you do it your way instead of God’s way, burnout will soon become your reality.

8. Is my family suffering at the expense of my ministry?

First and foremost, you are a pastor to your family.

Only you can be a husband to your wife and a dad to your kids.

I’ve heard my pastor say often:

“I’ll never be a pastor to your family at the expense of my own.”

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Larry Poole serves as the Director of Generosity for Northpark Church located in Raleigh, NC. He coaches pastors, churches, and individuals on the spiritual discipline of generosity. His passion is helping the local church become fully funded so that it can more effectively accomplish the Great Commission. You can connect with Larry on Twitter at @tweetlarrypoole or through his blog at www.larrypoolespeaks.com.