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No Parking. No Skateboarding. No Cell Phones. Are You a NO Church?

Step #1: Inventory your negative messages.

List every one, walking from the entrance of your church to the worship center or sanctuary.

Step #2: Ask how important the prohibition message really is.

I once worked with a church that prohibited the use of the ball field on their campus. Is that really worth it?

Step #3: Consider a positive message instead.

This might not be obvious at first glance, but explore options as a team. Can a “No parking along curb” sign be replaced with a “Please keep traffic flowing” sign?

Step #4: Use your negative message with a point of humor.

Why not have fun if you must communicate a negative message? The classic illustration is the “Thou shalt not park here” sign. What other ideas have you seen?

And, if you have any other funny negative messages, please share!  

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