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7 Ways to Build Teams of Great Leaders (When You Feel Like Your Team Is Lacking)

5. Cast a Clear and Compelling Vision

How do you attract the best people you have in your church, especially if you can’t pay them?

First, realize that great leaders aren’t attracted to stagnant, chaotic or dying environments.

Even if that’s what you have now, you have to show them that’s not what you intend to have in the future.

The journey from where you are to where you will be always starts with vision.

Great leaders love a clear and compelling vision of the future.

If your vision isn’t clear and compelling, your future won’t be either.

6. Embrace Excellence More Than Inclusion

Another awkward reality of small church is that you often have non-leaders leading, non-singers singing, non-musicians playing, non-communicators communicating and so on.

One of the dynamics you have to wrestle down is whether you value inclusion over excellence.

Most small churches choose inclusion, not excellence.

Someone auditions for the music team, but he can’t really play well. What do you do? A lot of leaders flinch. They can’t bear the thought of hurting someone, or of angering their friends, so they cave, even though he’s mediocre.

I wrote about that in more detail here (see Why “Just Turn Down His Microphone” Is a Really Bad Leadership Strategy).

Theologically, putting people in positions for which they’re not gifted a denial of the diversity and giftedness of the body of Christ.

God designed some people to sing. Get them singing. He gave others the gift of rhythm. Get them drumming. He gave some the gift of leadership or communication. Get them leading and communicating.

You wouldn’t buy a cell phone designed by non-computer engineers, or bad computer engineers. You’re not going to get your heart operated on by a non-doctor. You want the best.

It’s a mistake to dismiss that as entertainment. It’s called gifting. And the body of Christ works best on gifting.

And the people who want to do what they’re not gifted at? Place them in the area of their gifts. Long term, they’ll be much more fulfilled and will be leading from their strengths, the way God actually designed them.