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Lecrae: What I Learned About Jesus Through Facing Racism in the Church

“[The example of Paul challenging Peter] gave me the ok in many ways to say, ‘I’ve got to challenge my brothers and sisters to recognize that we are all co-heirs with Christ and that the inheritance is available to us all.’”

“It was not accepted. [My challenge to the status quo] was met with hostility on some fronts, complete silence and lack of support on other fronts…Regular text messages that I would get from certain leaders disappeared and opportunities to appear places were no longer extended, and so it was a tough time.”

“When you feel as if people in your family have turned their back on you, it’s extremely painful, and you’ve got to realize that your identity is not wrapped up in their acceptance of you.”

“You have to have friends in a community who see you for who you are…and that’s where I feel like most leaders fail. Most leaders struggle with getting the help that they need because they don’t have a circle of people that they can trust.”

“Too often, I was looking for the approval of other people…instead of saying, ‘God, where do you stand on this, and what’s your perspective?’ And let that be my standard.”

“I can’t make someone’s eyes open. I can only follow the Lord and hope that their eyes open in that process.”

“When’s the last time that the majority white church reached out to the Korean church in the city and said, ‘Hey, how can we partner together?’”

“The biggest mark of a disciple is a learner…We’ve got to be professional learners. We’ve got to walk in each other’s shoes, we’ve got to be empathetic with one another and take the time to learn.”

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