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Léonce Crump Jr.: How To Develop Resilient Teams

Léonce Crump
Image courtesy of Léonce Crump Jr.

Léonce Crump Jr. is an international speaker, former NFL athlete, and the cofounder and senior pastor of Renovation Church in Atlanta. He is a champion for the church’s participation in focused and intentional cultural renewal, and his new book, co-authored with Ryan T. Hartwig and Warren Bird, is “The Resilience Factor: A Step-by-Step Guide to Catalyze an Unbreakable Team.”

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Key Questions for Léonce Crump Jr.

-What characterizes thriving teams

-Do you think that our profile for a high-level leader needs to change?

-What have the struggles of the past few years looked like for you?

-How do you assess whether or not you have the right people on your team?

Key Quotes From Léonce Crump Jr.

“The first and I think maybe most important reality that we need to accept is that the disruption we experience is actually normal…when you look at the arc of history and you look at the arc of the world, disruption is actually, the most prevalent reality.”

“Definitions have changed dramatically. Now direction is seen as dominance and clarity is seen as control.”

“I think we’re headed more toward team leadership and transformational leadership, not the CEO models of the past or the top-down, hierarchical structures that we were taught.”

Leadership itself is under question right now. It’s under fire, not just in the church, but everywhere…There have been abusive leaders there. There have been narcissistic leaders there…But then you also have a cultural moment happening simultaneously where the idea of a leader—good, bad or otherwise—is just summarily rejected.”