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How Storytelling Can Transform Your Small Group Experience

Telling Your Unique Story

So, what is your unique story?

Whatever your experience, wherever you find yourself, whatever has led you to this place, one thing is true – you have a story to tell. A story with different chapters – some being mundane and ordinary, others tragic and broken, some full of joy and happiness. Each chapter fits together into an unfolding narrative of who you are! A story that is still being written.

I believe we must create an environment in our small group ministries where each person can authentically share their story. As you build your groups, do so with storytelling in mind. Knowing that by the telling of our stories we experience collectively how God is present. And also how simply through the act of sharing we can draw closer to each other and to him.

Three Tools to Encourage Storytelling in Your Small Groups

#1 – Story Cards. This resource has been an incredible blessing across every area of our ministry. This resource from North Point Community Church, consisting of several cards with photos, is quite simple; but has produced excellent results. You ask a question, and then the people in your group choose a picture that best illustrates their answer. You then take time for them to share their response and why they chose that photo.

#2 – Questions in a Box. This free app (iOS & Android), built by spreadtruth.com, has also been a unique tool for initiating conversation. The landing screen provides four simple options: We Just Met, Acquaintances, Good Friends, and Big Picture. Picking an option will generate a random question that you can use to help spark meaningful conversations.

#3 – Go first. Admittedly this is not a physical tool, but by going first, you exemplify what it means to be a storyteller. Sharing the story of how God has and is working in your life can be a powerful tool to encourage other point people to begin sharing their own stories. So take some time to think about your story and how you would tell it to others.

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.