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Articles for Small Group Leaders

Don’t Give Up on Your Bible Study So Quickly

When something in God’s Word unsettles us we should not be quick to leave it for the more comfortable places. Yes, there may be times when we have to table some of our concerns and pick them up at a time when we’re in a healthier place.

The Joy of Small Groups

A right-brain oriented small group ministry opts to have their groups meet and seek fellowship with one another and explore curriculum through the context of relationships that bring the joy of small groups.

4 Ways Confrontation Must Happen in Christian Community

The best confrontation results in people knowing they are loved, knowing that the best is desired for them, and knowing that the relationship can be stronger moving forward.

3 Reasons I Love My Small Group

I love my small group. I’m not just saying that because I’m the pastor and I’m supposed to.

3 Ways to Redirect Awkward Conversations

Knowing when to continue awkward conversations or to stop them (and what to say) requires the wisdom of God.

Great Small Group Leaders: Who Are the World’s Best?

Using examples from not-so-great small group leaders like "Billy Bible Scholar" to "Hannah Hostess," we can learn what is the role of great small group leaders.

How Small Groups Can Multiply Disciples

How do we multiply disciples -- and disciple-makers -- in the United States and Canada? A growing number of church and ministry leaders are asking these questions.

7 Deadly Sins of Small Group Ministry

The consequences almost always affect unconnected people, group leaders and group members.

4 Essentials for a Small Group Leader Job Description

What does a small group leader job description for a small group director (or pastor) look like? Here are the basics, but I want to be sure and qualify it by acknowledging this is by no means complete.

Two Small Group Trends That Are Changing Church Leadership

It used to be that only a few people at the top had all the power. But two significant small group trends are changhing the leadership landscape.

How to Turn Sermons Into Small Group Studies

When you think about your sermon files, digital, analog, or otherwise, you are loaded with content. But, how do you repurpose your vast content into small group studies?

10 Ways to Attract and Empower Small Group Leaders

You can identify and empower small group leaders when you help people connect in different kinds of ways. As a result, individuals who never saw themselves as a leader will take their first steps in serving as a community-building agent for the Kingdom of God!

The Early Church and Small Groups

What does Scripture say about the early church and small groups? Imagine living in the days of the first-century church.

The Encouraging Sway of Small Group Identity

Christian group identity, especially small group identity, answers the questions, ‘As followers of Jesus, what kind of people are we? How do the people of God act?'

7 Tips for Leading Small Group Worship

The two most significant barriers to having meaningful worship in small groups are musical leadership and the misconception that worship is synonymous with music.

Pastor: Define Small Group for Your Church

We need to define small group. To simply use the term “small group” without describing and defining it, can cost a small group leader many difficult conversations

4 Essentials for a Small Group Pastor

What are the not-to-miss small group pastor essentials? Here are 4 key insights for rookies from a veteran small group point person

How Our Men’s Group Experiences the Gift of Tears

Long ago Christians called it the 'charism of tears' and felt that the men most to be pitied are "those who go through life with dry eyes and cold hearts." I call it the gift of tears because I see the emotional release as a true gift from God that unlocks things that only he can unlock.

3 Difficulties in Starting Groups After Easter

Starting groups can begin at any time of the year. Some people say there are three group killers after Easter that you can't avoid ... or can you?

8 Spiritual Growth Questions to Ask Small Group Members

As a small group leader or point person, you have a vested interest in spiritual growth. Some leaders tend to value metrics, and others desire more qualitative information like stories. #smallgroup #smallgroups #spiritualgrowth

Adam Wyatt: How To Be a Biblical Patriot, Not a Christian...

Dr. Adam Wyatt joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about how the Bible supports the idea of loving one’s country–but not nationalism–and how pastors can navigate this volatile topic.

Articles for Small Group Leaders