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Articles for Small Group Leaders

5 Tips for Facilitating Small Groups Effectively

Small group discussion is so important, and really is the place where the Word can be applied as much as any other time. Generating discussion is tough for leaders, but is extremely important to having an effective small group discussion.

7 Small Group Leader Appreciation Ideas That Will Make a Difference

Here, from some of the most noted authorities on small groups, is a treasure-trove of small group leader appreciation ideas.

6 Small Group Meeting Places Outside of a Home

If the objective is to encourage people to attend and participate, other site choices might be necessary. Don’t let the lack of a home to meet in discourage you from leading a small group. Find out more about some alternatives for small group meeting places?

4 Reasons Why Every Pastor Should Lead a Small Group

No matter what role I have been in, I almost always lead a small group—sometimes more than one group. I think every pastor should lead a small group. Here's why.

Christmas Fellowship Ideas for Your Small Group

What better time of year to engage your small group in meaningful—and fun—Christmas fellowship? You might even find that people who aren't normally involved in your church could be open to Christmas fellowship ideas and service opportunities through your small group.

Survey: The Powers and Pitfalls of Small Group Models

The 21st century church is confronted with a plethora of different small group models. Some of the most popular models at the moment fundamentally contradict each other.

God Spoke to Me – And Led Me from Illinois to Africa

God spoke to me over a period of ten years and led me from Illinois to Africa, and from small groups in the United States to small groups around the world.

The Early Church and Small Groups

What does Scripture say about the early church and small groups? Imagine living in the days of the first-century church.

Foundations of the Cell Church Movement

As I’ve studied, practiced, and reflected on the cell church over the last few years, I’ve concluded that the cell church is all about developing and releasing leaders to reap the harvest.

The Small Group Bump of 2021: Growth, With the Promise of More

The predicted Small Group Boom of 2021 ended up being more of a Small Group Bump, but it was a significant bump. These churches ended up with more small groups than they ever had and more people in groups than ever.

Gospel-Centered Communities or Christian Social Clubs?

In the midst of something you and others enjoy, there is the potential that your group could be missing the most important aspect of community life—the gospel!

Jim, You Think Too Much and You Don’t Pray Enough

Five years ago today I heard a still small voice that totally changed the direction of my life. It’s funny, I can tell you!

Effective Cell Group Lessons You Can Use

My role is to make sure everyone in the group is participating and becoming a disciple in the process. Cell group lessons must support this goal.

Three Ways to Make the Local Church Feel More Like a Family

Three simple things your church can do to feel more like a loving family and less like a stuffy institution.

Why Confidentiality Matters in Small Groups

How can you set up a safe environment that incorporates confidentiality? Consider following these five tips.

A 3-Step Plan for Mobilizing Your Small Group Outreach

Small group outreach is essential to the health of your church. Here's a 3-step plan for how to mobilize your small groups for the mission.

The Best Books About the Disciple Making Movement

If you want to learn more about the vision, principles, and practices of the Disciple Making Movement (DMM), what books should you read? Here are four books that serve as a great starting place.

The Apostle Paul’s Top 21 Leadership Traits

Mike Mack invites leaders to use this list to continue growing in their leadership...or even for accountability purposes.

30 Prayers for Bible Study Leaders

Copy and give this Prayer Guide to your leaders or create your own so that your groups can grow in strength and influence for the Kingdom of God!

10 Faith Based Ice Breaker Questions for Small Groups

Whether shallow or deep, goofy or profound, faith based ice breaker questions all have the potential to help people to relax, learn to know one another better and get ready for a great small group meeting.

Church Victims Push to Expand Lawsuit Window in Nebraska

Victims of sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic priests urged Nebraska lawmakers to pass a law that would let people who were abused decades ago file lawsuits against the church or other organizations that were negligent.

Jackie Hill Perry: Why We Have the Wrong Idea About God’s...

Jackie Hill Perry joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to share why the holiness of God is far more beautiful than we often think it is.

Articles for Small Group Leaders