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Articles for Small Group Leaders

The Call to Mutual Discipleship

Do you realize God us called us to mutual discipleship? Your small group is full of disciples from all walks of life who are gathering together with an extraordinary purpose: learning how to follow Jesus.

6 Small Group Ideas That Are Working This Fall

The climate around you has changed, but the mission remains the same. Are you ready to try some small group ideas that are working this fall?

How To Set Expectations for a New Group Guide

It’s good practice to communicate expectations, outline the commitment involved, and establish common goals in your small group.

Why Your Small Group Strategy Might Kill Sunday School

Here’s the reality every pastor understands about small group strategy all too well: Engaging people in small groups can be a battle.

On Church Division And The Kingdom

Romans 14 and 1 Corinthians 10 teach believers in Christ that we should do what our conscience allows us to do, and we should do it with thankfulness to the glory of God. Here's how to apply that truth in the context of church division.

6 Strategic Discipleship Initiatives

We are working hard to provide elements at our church that raise people to be spiritually mature adults. We call these elements discipleship initiatives.

The Critical First Five Minutes of Your Small Group

The first five minutes should answer the question, “Why should I give you my attention today?” What is a good introduction to do, and why is it important? Why do we need an introduction—or do we?

Is Porn Adultery?

In recovery, folks say, “We’re only as sick as our secrets.” Porn is the sickest of the secrets.

How to Really Measure Church Size

"On any given Sunday, 80 percent are regular attendees and 20 percent are non-regular attendees." So what does infrequent church attendance mean for discipleship?

The Number One Small Group Transparency Killer

Perhaps the number one destroyer of transparency is asking questions that are closed-ended and don’t allow people to share.

The Worst Icebreaker Question – Ever!

Jim Egli tells of his experience with bad icebreakers and how you can avoid them.

52 Church Small Group Ideas to Encourage Fellowship

Here's a list of 52 fellowship activities that groups in my church have used through the years. This list is meant to serve as an idea starter for your group so you can come up with your own activities and plans for implementing them. The key is to do it together.

Counting What Counts: Soft and Hard Metrics

Numbers are hard metrics: names on rosters, number of groups, meetings attended, verses memorized. Hard numbers don’t paint the entire picture.

The Dangers of the Mountain Bottom Experience

It’s not the mountain-top experience that’s the most dangerous. No, it’s the return to reality--the mountain bottom experience--where people trip, fall, injure themselves.

5 Things You Need to Know About Connecting Unconnected People

"Unconnected people attend less frequently than connected people."

3 Simple Connection Ideas for Small Groups

When it comes to connection ideas, "simple" means just providing opportunities! Below are three simple connection ideas you can try to help foster connections with those who are new.

5 Small Group Hacks for Stronger Meetings

Here are five small group hacks that will ease each Small Group Host or Leader’s efforts and make their group stronger!

8 Objections to Leading Small Groups (And How to Overcome Them)

If people had no objections to leading small groups, your job would be very easy. They would just line up and sign up to lead a group.

Men’s Group: Accountability and Confessions

Principles to keep in mind when setting the stage men's groups.

Pastors Leading Small Groups – 5 Important Tips

I hear from pastors who don’t want to lead a group or feel that they shouldn’t, but from my experience, I believe in pastors leading small groups.

Articles for Small Group Leaders