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Every Small Group Leader Needs To Know How To Bounce

how to bounce

It might be fashionable to say that brighter days are ahead. That we’ve got this. This kind of messaging might even help people feel hopeful. And I hope they are right. But we need something more than just feelings if we are to move forward with Small Groups. We need to learn how to bounce.

The last few years have taught us that things naturally go downhill. All you have to do is nothing and things wear out. They break. Things, people, and organizations just naturally fall apart. It’s just the way things are in this broken world.

Now I’m all for being positive. After all, God is in control. Period. And from an eternal perspective, He wins. There may be some wins here in this life, but His ultimate and eternal win comes at the end of history. And for all who are in Christ, we win too.

But until then, people, things, and organizations are going to fail. They’re going to fall. So, the question is what are we going to do when it happens? When we fail? When our structure and organization fall and break apart?

How to Bounce

I’m convinced that God doesn’t just want you to lie there after misfortune, failure, or change. God wants you to bounce. The question is how to bounce? And if yes, how are you going to bounce? You can bounce four different ways.

•       Bounce Down – just give up, you lie there in a pool of your own pity.

•       Bounce Back – you respond, but only return to where you were.

•       Bounce Up – you come back up, but not sure where to go

•       Bounce Forward – this is where you move forward after failure.

When you bounce forward, you first must absorb the loss and shock of it all. You then quickly look to leverage it into opportunities, catapulting sustainable growth. When challenges emerge, resilient leaders quickly look at where they are, stop doing what’s not working, and bounce forward by pouring themselves into what’s working.