Articles for Children's Ministry Leaders

How Do You Spend Your Free Time?

The Apostle Paul tells us not to make good use of our time but to make the best use of our time.

3 Crucial Conversations Parents Should Have With Their Preteens

J. C. Thompson advises his parents to have these talks with their preteen very, very soon.

Asking the Right Questions

The most important thing we can do as a leader is ask the right questions of ourself and others.

10 Stupid Things We Do in Children's Ministry

Greg Baird: Why do we do things that will hurt us, those around us, and our ministries?

Why Proverbs 22:6 is Not a Guarantee

Dale Hudson explains why one of the most oft-quoted verses about raising children will not guarantee that they will follow Christ as an adult.

3 Questions to Ask About Your Volunteer Recruiting Strategy

Are you inviting people to join you, or are you begging them?

Leadership: It's Not Who Follows You

Sam Luce warns leaders about our "follower" culture: "We focus too much on who follows us."

Team Ministry for Children

How to adopt a team-teaching philosophy in your children's ministries

Must-Reads for Creatives and Storytellers

Grab a great book to help you get more creative in your teaching.

Children's Ministry–Now This Is Fun!

Award-winning recording artist and veteran children's minister Annette Oden shows us trends in children's ministry that we can celebrate!

How Boys and Girls Learn

Instructional specialist Timothy Pollard advises on the difference in behavior between boys and girls.

Volunteers Need to Be Needed and Known

Gina McClain: "I believe when people find themselves in search of a new church, many times it boils down to their desire to feel needed & known."

The Lifecycle of Good Leadership

Know where God has you in your lifecycle of leadership and embrace it.

Using Music in Kids’ Ministry

Music can engage and uplift kids and uniquely illustrate spiritual points for you.

Teach a Child to Think Like Jesus

Your child will learn to think like Jesus if you actively pursuing the mind-set yourself.

3 Tricks to Juggling Ministry

Gina McClain offers some great advice for when your ministry plate is always full.

4 Areas of Children’s Ministry Excellence

Perfecting these areas will make your ministry to kids more effective and efficient.

Communicating With Parents for Partnership

In communicating with parents, information gets tuned out, but strategy gets tuned in.

Screening Procedures for Childhood Ministry

Careful screening procedures are necessary for all volunteers and staff in children's ministries.

Conveying Jesus' Love in Correction

Your words are powerful, profound and life changing.

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