Articles for Children's Ministry Leaders

Teaching Kids Like the Master

Jesus is the Master Teacher, and children's ministers can learn much from the way he taught.

The Law and Children's Ministry

Asking these questions will protect your kids and limit your church's liability.

Guiding Children’s Behavior

Use this easy model to remember how to manage your children's behavior in your classroom.

Shared Space in Your Kids' Ministry

How to avoid conflict over shared classroom space with schools or other ministries

Top 10 Questions for Potential Interns

Yes, you should be thinking about summer internships in the fall. Keith Tusing reminds leaders of the most important information they should have about their recruit.

How Your Preschool Ministry Indicates Your Church's Health

Your preschool ministry is a barometer of the health of your church. A healthy church is reaching young families. What can you do about it?

Are You an Imperfect Leader? 3 Ideas

Greg Baird: In spite of all that's said about leadership, I've never met a perfect leader. Try to remember these three points.

Why Leading Adults Is the Same as Leading Kids

Leadership is leadership. Leadership is hard. Leadership takes grace.

5 Ways to Engage Church Leadership in Children's Ministry

Greg Baird: All the leaders in your church should be informed and invested in what's going on in as significant a ministry as kidmin.

The All-Important Two-Minute Window with Parents

Many children's ministries overlook these two minutes and miss a great opportunity to gain parents' confidence.

The Non-Confrontationalist's Guide to Leading Through Confrontation

Gina McClain: "... Leading through conflict is one of the most important things we do."

Bringing Kids Up On Stage With You

Dan Scott explains how he incorporates kids into his story without derailing the ministry.

Leading and Managing Kidmin Change

"Change happens ... but doing it well can be the difference between thriving and dying on the vine."

How God Creates a Discipler

Who are you going to intentionally invest in during this year ahead? Who are you going to apprentice in the ways of the Kingdom?

Showing Up … Even When You Don't Feel Like It!

God helped me see that my little acts of service really do matter.

10 Mistakes Children's Ministers Make

Dale Hudson lists 10 common mistakes he's made in children's ministry in hopes that leaders might avoid them.

Leading Your Volunteer Culture

“Cultural values are things your volunteers are willing to defend, not just you.”

Leading Kids for the Long Haul

Life change is not measured in weeks and months but rather in years and decades.

Special-Needs Ministry: The Fear of Getting It Wrong

Special-needs ministry specialist Amy Fenton Lee pleads on behalf of the good-hearted teachers in your local kidmin.

Kenny Conley: Kidmin Non-Negotiables

These issues are too important to overlook in your children's ministry.

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