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John Piper

Insights From John Piper About Celebrating Halloween

How does your church and children's ministry handle Halloween? Join pastor and Bible teacher John Piper to hear his thoughts about the "tricky" secular holiday.
story of holy week for kids

Story of Holy Week for Kids as Told by Two Children

Just try not smiling as you watch it...just you try.
Sunday school teacher

Clever Teacher Brings Worship to the Kids at Her Apartment Complex

A beloved and clever Sunday school teacher in Kenya has figured out a way to offer the children in her apartment complex a weekly dose of hope and encouragement.
saddleback kids

Watch: #TheQuarantineShake Challenge by Rick Warren and Saddleback Kids

“I doubt that anyone would guess that a pastor wrote this!” RIck Warren says of his Quarantine S.H.A.K.E song. The song and accompanying dance moves was made into a video with the help of the Saddleback Kids ministry.
Tim Keller: Why We Should Bring Back Catechism for Children

Tim Keller: Why We Should Bring Back Catechism for Children

Is theological memorization and reflection for our children really that important?
Mom's perspective

If Dads Could Literally See from a Mom’s Perspective

What would it look like if fathers had an up-close and personal look at a mom's perspective?
teach your children

Dads, Teach Your Children These Two Big Lessons

The power of a dad simply cannot be overstated in what you teach your children. Many forces cause the moral and spiritual fractures of our culture, but one of them is the lack of godly fathers. Counselor and communicator Paul Tripp encourages fathers in their vital role with the following video.
beth moore parenting

Beth Moore on Parenting: Which Matters More…Your Child’s Success or Godliness?

If you've benefited from a Beth Moore parenting video in the past, you'll want to check this one out! When our children are rebelling, are we willing to ask God to bring hard circumstances into their lives in order for them to see the folly of their rebellion?
how to be a good father

Just Show Up: How to Father a Fatherless Generation

This video will show you how to be a good father to someone who doesn't have one of their own.
5 Essential Things To Consider When Planning Communion

5 Essential Things to Consider When Planning Communion

Communion should never be something that becomes so routine that it loses it impact, it should also be something that is done regularly and with great intentionality.

The Church’s Vital Role in Discipling Children

Growing in the likeness of Christ is a community project.

Paul Tripp: It’s More Important to Rescue Kids from their Own Foolishness than to...

We can’t protect our kids simply by sheltering them from the temptations of the world.
Shepherding Your Family

How to Shepherd Your Family through Ministry Turmoil

Not that you need a reminder, but: Ministry is hard. Your family feels it, too.
How to Ask Kids Great Questions

How to Ask Kids Great Questions

As a leader, are you asking the right questions?

Inner-City Teacher’s Beginning of Year Speech to Students Will Help Anyone Who Works with...

"You could make straight ‘As’ all year and have perfect behavior all year, or you can get detention three times a week and I’m gonna love you the same."
Christmas kids

When Adults Perform As Kids Explain the Nativity Story, It’s Hilarious Fun

This hilarious version of the Christmas Story is narrated by kids and acted out by adults. Priceless!
Try This Thanksgiving Tradition With Your Family

Try This Thanksgiving Tradition With Your Family

A wonderful idea for making memories and growing spiritually with your family this Thanksgiving holiday.
Life With Jesus - Big Word (Ephesians 6:11)

Life With Jesus—Big Word (Ephesians 6:11)

"Let the Lord make you strong. Depend on his mighty power. Put on all of God’s armor. Then you can remain strong against the devil’s evil plans."

9 Things You Should Say to Your Kids Every Day

"Don't let a single day go by without telling your kids how you feel."

Cathedral to Replace Confederate Windows With Stained Glass Reflecting Black Life

Four years after the Washington National Cathedral removed windows depicting Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, the windows will be filled with work by artist Kerry James Marshall related to racial justice.

Ann Voskamp: What We Are Missing in God’s Vision for Hospitality

"It's not about becoming like Julia Child," says Ann Voskamp. "Hospitality is about welcoming in the marginalized as the next child of God."

Children's Ministry Videos