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Worship Sabotage

What to do when other leaders don't "get" the delicate dynamics of worship.

5 Lessons from the Dave Matthews Band

"A really good artist is constantly reading the room," says Doug Lawrence.

Kiss Me? Addressing God in Worship

Matt Redman encourages us to think carefully about the language we use in worship.

Federal Court: Online Worship is Not a Church

This court ruling is, without question, an interesting one: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has ruled that a religious organization that...

Ambient Technology in Worship

Technology "toys" should never become the focus of a worship service.

The "Worship" Elephant in the Room

"We are no more sacred or secular than carpenters or firemen or painters or artists," says Brenton Brown.

Stop Using Media

If you lack conviction about the message you’re communicating—do something about it.
Discovering Your Call to Music Ministry

Discovering Your Call to Music Ministry

Some good direction on how to confirm and affirm your personal calling from God.

The Goal of Every Writer

“What goes in must come out.” That adage is something I always heard growing up, especially from my parents when I would read R.L. Stine...

Why Do Worship Leaders Close Their Eyes?

Bob Kauflin wants to make sure worship leaders know why they do what they do on stage.

The Incarnation: When God Mixes Media

What does it mean when the Invisible God uses the media of flesh, blood and stories to communicate His message of rescue to the...

Around the World: Global Worship Websites

Calvin Institute of Christian WorshipWhen you get to the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship site, click on the continent and that takes you to...

Where Worship Begins

I really didn't want to be there at the door.  There were so many things I had to do to get ready for worship...

Worship Tech: Interview with Quentin Schultze

Fromm: Do you anticipate Web technology taking over every aspect of a church's operating platform? If not, what operational aspects will avoid the change?Schultze: Web technology...

Web 2.0 Interview: Greg Atkinson

Worship Leader: Do you think there will come a day when churches are completely online and with no off line interaction? Or do you see...

Web 2.0 Interview: Dan Lacich

Worship Leader: Will you please share with us your journey, how you got to be running an Internet company?Dan: I think in a lot of ways,...

The Trinity and the Visual

"The doctrine of the Trinity is the central dogma of Christian theology, the fundamental grammar of our knowledge of  God...Because the doctrine of the...

7 Words of Worship

"He touched my mouth |with it| and said: Now that this has touched your lips,your wickedness is removed, and your sin is atoned for." Isaiah...

Real Blended Worship

The only time I visited Israel, Jerusalem in particular, I did so lugging a suitcase full of stereotypes and a suit-bag bulging with suspicion....

Putting First Things First in Worship

Ron Man explores worship's place in the Great Commission.

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