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10 Things Not to Say to a Worship Leader

Carlos Whittaker sounds off at his least-favorite post-service comments.

Worship and Money

Roberts: "We simply can't ignore money and its relationship to worship."

Worship Leading: Think Before You Speak

Give good thought to what you say while you lead worship—it matters!

When Worship Becomes Rote

Bob Kauflin helps leaders prevent the neglect of the gospel in worship.

The Artist's Dance

"Creativity is akin to discipline, a muscle that must be worked and stretched," says Amena Brown.

The Fragmentation of Worship

Trends that used to take decades, even centuries, now happen in months and years.

Leading Worship in the Midst of Trials

We don’t lead others out of a vacuum but in real life.

What if the Community Was Your Office?

Carlos Whittaker reminds us to stay community centered.

Video Preaching a Desecration?

Glenn Packiam challenges pastors to recover the sacredness of the pastoral vocation.

Breaking Free from Worship Ruts

Sally Morgenthaler warns against falling into the pits of worship boredom.

The Connecting Power of Virtual Preaching

Bobby Gruenewald says video preaching helps extend the reach of gifted communicators.

Does Better Music Grow a Bigger Church?

Don Chapman talks about church growth and worship styles.

The Problem with Virtual Preaching

"The underlying assumption is that a pastor's role is simply to communicate a message," says Glenn Packiam.

Worship: A Biblical Definition

"The purpose of theology is doxology. We study in order to praise." --J. I. Packer

Lust: A Worship Leader's Sin

Brenton Brown helps worship leaders get beyond the list of rules to our Role Model for holiness.

What Happens When We Sing?

Why does God command us not only to praise him, but to sing praises to him?

Worship Sabotage

What to do when other leaders don't "get" the delicate dynamics of worship.

5 Lessons from the Dave Matthews Band

"A really good artist is constantly reading the room," says Doug Lawrence.

Kiss Me? Addressing God in Worship

Matt Redman encourages us to think carefully about the language we use in worship.

Federal Court: Online Worship is Not a Church

This court ruling is, without question, an interesting one: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has ruled that a religious organization that...

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