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Evangelicals and the Book of Common Prayer

The Book of Common Prayer - how can you get any more evangelical than that?

Thanksgiving: the Forgotten Holiday

I call Thanksgiving The Forgotten Holiday. Retailers are so eager to get Christmas sales they overlook it, and worship leaders are so busy preparing for Advent.

Carlos Whitaker: Emotion in the Church – Manipulation or God’s Gift?

Don’t lose one of God’s greatest gifts to us, emotion, because you have seen emotion in the church abused before.

Through It All It Is Well – The Story Behind Kristene DiMarco’s Song

"To be shaken by circumstances doesn't make any sense when you think about everything God has brought you through and what He will bring us through in the future,” Kristene DiMarco says.

11 Secrets Your Pastor is Keeping From You

I'm only too familiar with the average pastor's secrets. My dad was a minister in a church. My uncles were ministers. My cousin is a minister. About 30 of my best friends are, or were, ministers. So here’s what your minister wishes you understood.

Why An Ash Wednesday Service?

You don't need to observe Ash Wednesday. This isn't a command. There is no rule for it. In fact, as far as Church traditions go, it is a fairly late development-- and by late I mean around the 8th century.

You CAN Engage The Choir Amid Covid Restrictions

It might be many more months to a year before it is safe to gather as we did before. In the meantime, our choir members are not having the opportunity to use their gifts and calling to lead in worship. There are things we can do to engage the choir.

How to Fight Temptation: 8 Ways to Beat Temptation

We all face temptations of many kinds. God wants us to beat them. We don’t have to sin, as powerful as temptations feel. Here...

The Power of Disconnecting

This day and age, we are constantly connected to others via cell phones, social media and whatnot, often in more than one way at the same time. But have you thought about the power of being disconnected?

I Know God Loves Me, But Does He Like Me?

When I once wrote that God doesn’t love us because we are lovable, a couple readers responded that they know God loves them, but...

What Does Your Worship Say About God?

If an outsider came into your Sunday meeting and observed you worshiping, what would he conclude you think about God?

Christian Tomatoes: The Christian Rip-Offs Continue

I wrote recently about “Godinterest” – the Christian social media site that’s a rip-off of Pinterest. Before that it was “Christian Chirp” – the rip-off of...

Feelings Are Real. But Are They Always the Truth?

There’s a new movie coming out about James Brown, who sang the hit song called “I Feel Good.” He’d wail, “I FEEEEEEEEEL good. I...

Why Worship Leaders Should End Rehearsal Before the Congregation Comes In

Worship leaders are an incredibly important part of today’s church. But from time to time I take them to task, like in this post...

5 Things Forgiveness Doesn’t Mean

Over the years I’ve counseled some individuals who’ve been horribly sinned against. At times I did a really poor job of helping them navigate their pain...

Don't Just Write Pastor Books, Write Serious Books

When most pastors write books, you can bet they’re compiled from sermon notes and manuscripts. Preach a series on fear, and they end up...

Jesus Is Not Only Sympathetic; He Can Change Things

Before he saved me, I didn’t picture Jesus as having much empathy toward me. I thought of him as distant or indifferent.  After all, he had a...

14 Commandments of Video Preaching

Of the estimated 8,000+ multisite churches in North America, half deliver their sermons by way of video and the other half utilize live-in person...

5 Tips That Will Improve Your “I’m Sorry" Skills

It’s not often that I’m forced to apologizeProbably only twice a day.So while I’m still undoing the suck that this involves…I have 5 tips...

WATCH: Russell Brand Calls His First Month as a Christian a...

In his latest update on his spiritual journey, actor Russell Brand celebrated his first month of being a Christian and spoke of an "inner illumination" that's now a present guide and guardrail in his everyday life.

Dennis Edwards: The Misconceptions Pastors Have About Humility

Dr. Dennis Edwards joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share what he has learned about the true nature of humility and how church leaders can avoid some common misconceptions about what a life of humility means.

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