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Worship & Creative How To's

9 Reasons People Don’t Join in Worship Singing

Singing worship can be challenging. People around the world are sadly changing their church’s worship (often unintentionally) into a spectator event, as evidenced by the lack of singing worship from the congregation. Here's what's going on.

Make Sure You Understand Your CCLI Video License

By now many churches have a CCLI video license, but do you understand what it allows and what it prohibits?

Are You a Time Hog?

Even in the most flexible of churches, being a consistent time hog as a worship leader is not a good idea, principally because you owe it to the other members of the body of Christ to not act as if you’re more important than them.

How to “Advertise” for Worship Team Members

I keep in mind that from the very beginning to prospective worship team applicants that my priority is building a worship team of people interested in serving the body of Christ, not just playing music.

Audio Mixing 101

Audio Mixing 101: One of the hardest things to teach a new sound operator is how to mix. It requires the development of an “ear” for what to change, when to change it and what levels are appropriate.

How to Develop Your Worship Ministry Vision

Here is a test to see if you should keep reading this article: Write down your worship ministry vision in its tangible expressions, how you will get there and what help you will need in less than one or two paragraphs.

How to Tune a 12-String Guitar

With standard tuning, your 12-string guitar will play just like your 6-string guitar does. You just have to keep in mind that you’re tuning six pairs of guitar strings and not 12 separate strings.

7 Ideas for Christmas Worship

Think outside the box and come up with ways to really celebrate this season. Here are seven ideas for Christmas worship to get your creative juices going.

Top 10 Worship Leading Tips

Veteran musician and worship leader Tony Guerrero offers his very best advice for worship leaders.

Nine Postures of Worship

The Psalms have given us nine different postures of worship: heart expressions, not actual postures. These expressions stem from David's desire to worship the Lord wholeheartedly and without reservation.

A Christmas Skit for Any Size Church

Sometimes we’ll come up with an idea no one else has tried and give it a shot. The most successful Christmas skit we’ve ever done is one I wrote a few years ago.

How to Run a Great Worship Team Meeting

In a worship team meeting, Each worship element is not pre-determined but developed together as a group.

Can Worship Song Slides Reveal Your Theology?

Just as songs speak volumes about our hearts. the worship song slides we display shares our visual theology.

4 Mentoring Pitfalls Every Leader Must Know

When we are mentoring someone, there are areas of our leadership that the enemy would like to capitalize on to bring us – and the person we are mentoring – down.

How to Keep Team Members – 4 Ways to Care for Them

Once you’ve recruited musicians, your sound team, your leaders, and your media techs – the question becomes how to keep team members? And how to keep team members for the long haul.

2 Lies About Blended Worship

Blended worship is not as divisive an issue as it was 10 or 20 years ago, mainly because the worship wars have largely subsided, resulting either in different styles having their own services, or a different style having prevailed after a long battle.

Worship at a Memorial Service – 5 Preparatory Questions

If you’ve ever been asked to lead worship for a funeral or memorial service, you know just how daunting it can be. How do we go about leading the music for such a pivotal, emotional event in so many peoples’ lives?

Worship Is a Lifestyle – Here’s How to Live It

to become a worshiper, we need to repeatedly embrace the fact that worship is a lifestyle. I want that action to become as natural as breathing, brushing my teeth, and eating my meals.

What I Learned From Another Church’s Worship Practices

Recently I spent the afternoon/evening at Mariners Church in Irvine, California, watching the worship practices that drive their weekend weekend gatherings.

Worship Etymology – And Why It’s Important

As worshippers, we want to know all we can about worship; not only how to worship but what worship is all about. That's why worship etymology is so important.

Josh Butler Addresses Criticisms of His TGC Article About ‘God’s Vision...

Josh Butler, who was at the center of an online tempest earlier this month because of an article he wrote for The Gospel Coalition, appeared on Preston Sprinkle’s Theology in the Raw podcast Monday to explain what he was trying to communicate in his article and to address the pushback against it.

Sean Nemecek on the ‘Long, Slow Slide’ Into Burnout and How...

Sean Nemecek joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to discuss the warning signs that church leaders are burning out, how they can become healthy again, and the steps they can take to avoid burnout in the first place.

Worship & Creative How To's