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Worship & Creative How To's

Bass Walkdowns in Worship

Almost every song ever written has either walkdowns or walk-ups. Think of how the bass walks down in choruses like “Jesus, Lover of My Soul,” “There is None like You,” “As the Deer,” or “Mr. Bojangles.”

Worship Is a Lifestyle – Here’s How to Live It

To become a worshiper, we need to repeatedly embrace the fact that worship is a lifestyle. I want that action to become as natural as breathing, brushing my teeth, and eating my meals.

How to Become a Better Electric Guitarist

While an electric guitarist in church isn’t going to end up on professional recordings, learning to play like a studio guitarist will benefit any player.

Top 10 Worship Leading Tips

I have a hard time calling these my Top 10 worship leading tips since at various times other tips not mentioned here could be extremely important, but these were the ones that I tend to rely on frequently.

Nine Postures of Worship

The Psalms have given us nine different postures of worship: heart expressions, not actual postures. These expressions stem from David's desire to worship the Lord wholeheartedly and without reservation.

How to Develop Your Worship Ministry Vision

Here is a test to see if you should keep reading this article: Write down your worship ministry vision in its tangible expressions, how you will get there and what help you will need in less than one or two paragraphs.

How to Tune a 12-String Guitar

With standard tuning, your 12-string guitar will play just like your 6-string guitar does. You just have to keep in mind that you’re tuning six pairs of guitar strings and not 12 separate strings.

7 Ideas for Christmas Worship

Think outside the box and come up with ways to really celebrate this season. Here are seven ideas for Christmas worship to get your creative juices going.

A Christmas Skit for Any Size Church

Sometimes we’ll come up with an idea no one else has tried and give it a shot. The most successful Christmas skit we’ve ever done is one I wrote a few years ago.

Can Worship Song Slides Reveal Your Theology?

Just as songs speak volumes about our hearts. the worship song slides we display shares our visual theology.

Worship Etymology – And Why It’s Important

As worshippers, we want to know all we can about worship; not only how to worship but what worship is all about. That's why worship etymology is so important.

Expensive New Sound System – and Lousy Sound?

The state-of-the-art new sound system is rolled into the new church, and on the grand opening they end up with music that sounds like it came out of a tin can.

Darlene Zschech: 10 Essential Traits of a Worship Pastor

What is a worship pastor? According to Darlene Zschech: "I believe in my heart of hearts that the worship pastor of a team does not have to be the most talented, the most eloquent, the most gifted writer."

Brandon Cox: My Modern Creed for Worship

The desire for deeper roots in something historical and more eternally enduring than the latest trends and fads American Christianity may be wrestling with has driven me to articulate my own modern creed.

Does Your Worship Ministry Have a “Farm Team?”

In worship ministry thinking about keeping younger players or finding future players, singers, or even a primary worship leader is rarely a consideration until a vacancy occurs.

Defining “Contemporary Worship”

It can be a difficult thing to call worship contemporary. The true translation makes it too unclear.

Top 10 Do’s & Don’ts: A Guide for Insensitive Musicians

All musicians, regardless of their Christianity and their right-mindedness and generous hearts, have a little bit of pride lurking down deep in the soul.

Is There a Place for Performance in Worship?

Fred McKinnon unpacks the nuances of the dreaded 'P' word.

Tips for Leading Liturgy

If you're thinking about incorporating liturgy into your worship services, these tips can help.

Tips to Keep Your Church Tech in Great Shape

Use these ideas to make sure you're keeping your equipment in tip-top condition.

UMC Settles Sex Abuse Case Involving Former New York Pastor, Foster...

The United Methodist Church, along with New York’s Warren County, has reached a financial settlement in a sexual abuse case involving former UMC Pastor Richard Reynolds. Troy resident John Smith claimed that Reynolds, who served as Smith's foster parent, abused him as a child.

Kara Powell and Jen Bradbury: What Makes a Healthy Youth Ministry

Dr. Kara Powell and Jen Bradbury join “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share their insights into how youth leaders can most effectively help teens cultivate a faith that lasts for their entire lives.

Worship & Creative How To's