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Kenny Burchard (M.A. New Testament), his wife MaryJo and their son Victor live in Virginia Beach, VA. Before his family's journey of reconciliation with the Catholic Church Kenny served for 20 years as an ordained Protestant pastor, worship leader, church planter, and Bible teacher. Kenny is the host and curator of the podcast and blog, and is a regular blogger at You can follow him on twitter @kennyburchard.

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This Woman Is Showing Us the Women of the Bible in...

Dikla Laor is an Israeli photographer who has embarked on a fascinating and ambitious project: creating “interpretive images” of all of the women in the Hebrew Bible, whether or not they are mentioned by name. By doing so, she is showing us the women of the Bible in a new way.

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Pastor Charles Stone talks about the research pointing to the benefits of practicing mindfulness. Which leads to the question: Is there such a thing as Christian mindfulness?