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Leading Turnaround Children’s Ministries P.2

It’s important to identify the circumstances that got your ministry to where it is. Why is it in need of a turnaround? Whether you’re currently leading your ministry that needs a turnaround or you’ve just joined a ministry for turnaround, you won’t know what needs to be fixed until you have had that honest discussion with yourself and others. This is all about understanding the circumstantial ingredients that got the ministry where it is today.

Here are a couple honest questions you should ask yourself:

1. Am I the person for the job? You may have an absolute love for the organization and people, but can you really take this children’s ministry where it needs to go? You may want to take it there, but do you have the giftings for it. Here’s the good news—you don’t have to be the one because chances are good that God has someone who is able to do what you cannot. If you’re truly honest with yourself and it turns out you’re not the person for the job, you will feel such a relief and huge stress lifted from your life. Chances are also good that God has another place for you where you will thrive.

2. What’s the history of the church? Does the church you’re in or about to join have a revolving door with staff? With children’s ministry leaders? When was the church founded? What’s the leadership structure? These are important questions. The church might amazing and the opportunity almost un-passable, but once you start digging into church history, past, style and structure you have to have an honest unbiased assessment. This is where your spouse and close friends comes into play.

I view it like being engaged. It’s during this period that you are blind to flaws because you’re so in love. After you’ve tied the knot and the honeymoon is over you realize that she (he) passes gas just like you.

After asking these questions, you’ll get a better idea of how you got where you are or how the church you’re thinking about joining got where they are.

Much more on this topic coming up and I speak on it at Focus 2012 in Greenville, SC March 1-3, 2012.


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Justyn Smith is married to an amazing wife and is a father to five children. He is the children's pastor at South Hills Church in Corona, CA and has a passion to help other children’s pastors become great leaders in their local church and ministry. He consults, writes, and is a frequent conference speaker. Justyn is the host of Celera Kidmin (click http://www.celeragroup.org/network-coaching/kidmin.aspx for more info) and has recently been named one of "Children's Ministry Magazine's" Top 20 to Watch. Twitter: pastorjustyn Facebook: facebook.com/pastorjustyn