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Summer Church Activities: 7 Faith-Builders for Families

Looking for summer church activities for families? Check out these easy, inexpensive, yet powerful suggestions. They're sure to spark great conversations about faith.

Fostering Community: Group Activities for Children’s Ministry

Fostering community within your children's ministry is like planting seeds. With loving care and welcoming activities, faith flourishes while friendships bloom.

Father’s Day Church Ideas: 12 Meaningful Activities to Honor Men

Need fresh Father's Day church ideas for your children's ministry? Then check out these 12 suggestions that kids (and dads) will love!

3 Ways To Prevent an Attitude of Entitlement in Your Kids

The culture around us has gradually shifted America’s mindset to believe that we all have our rights, including the “right” to have what we want,...

Moses Object Lesson for Mother’s Day Explores God’s Loving Care

A Moses object lesson is a special part of this Mother’s Day message. Sunday school children explore how God takes care of us through other people.

Inexpensive Gifts for Church Volunteers: 18 Ways to Say Thanks

Need inexpensive gifts for church volunteers? Then check out these 18 great thank-you gifts and gestures.

Bible Stories for Sunday School Teachers: Free KidMin Lesson Plans

Bible stories for Sunday school teachers always come in handy. A wide range of children's lessons are available online, many at no cost.

Kids Reward System: How to Encourage Cooperation in Classrooms

A kids reward system lets teachers and parents use positive reinforcement in the classroom or home.

Creative Connections: Strengthening Bonds in Children’s Church

Through creative connections, your children's ministry program provides a sense of belonging that keeps kids coming back.

10 Easy Ways To Physically Bless Your Kids This Week

Want to physically bless your kids this week? Touch with our kids should be regular, intentional, and enjoyable.

Divorce and Families: How to Care for Children and Their Parents

Divorce affects about half the families in your church and children's ministry. Learn how to offer healing and support for kids and parents.

Encouragement for Children’s Ministry Volunteers: 20 Quotes to Share

Encouragement for children’s ministry volunteers builds up your team. Share these 20 quotes with the valuable helpers at your church!

The Rule of 3: An Intergenerational Lens for Ministry

Simply put, the Rule of Three ensures that at least three generations are present in any given situation.

Theology of Children’s Ministry: 3 Reasons Doctrine Matters

Theology of children’s ministry and doctrine matter. Ignore the myth that they don't!

3 Things Your Children Can Teach You About Faith Right Now

Our children have other things to teach us, too. Not necessarily with their words, but with their lives.

Mother’s Day Craft and Bible Message for Children

Need a simple Mother’s Day craft idea for Sunday school? Check out this free children’s message and Mother’s Day craft.

God Is Always With Us Craft: Teach Kids About God’s Watchful Eye

A God is always with us craft, or a God’s eye craft, is a childhood favorite. Discover designs and Bible symbolism for this fun project.

10 Lepers Object Lesson: KidMin Resources About Thanking God

A 10 lepers object lesson focuses on Jesus' healing power and people's response. Use these resources to teach children about gratitude to God.

3 Big Things Today’s Kids Are Looking For

I often say that today's kids are not the same as when we were kids. Childhood has changed...drastically. But in spite of all the changes, there are three things that today's kids are looking for.

Simple Changes To Shift From Good to Godly Parenting

Here are some mental and practical adjustments you can start implementing today to make the difference between good and godly parenting in your home.

Mark Yarhouse: How Pastors Can Address Gender Identity With Compassion, Civility,...

Dr. Mark Yarhouse joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to talk about how pastors can engage people in the area of gender identity with wisdom and compassion while holding to their convictions.

Children's Ministry Leaders