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I’m Not An ‘Angel Mommy’ and Here’s Why

It’s a vast and terrible club to belong to: mothers who have babies in Heaven. Moms started calling them “angel babies,” and they began to make t-shirts to wear that say, “Mother of Angels” or "Angel Mommy."

What Is a Parent’s Job? Why Happiness Shouldn’t Be a Goal

What is a parent's job? Here's a hint: It's not to make children happy. Discover key insights about what Christian parents should and should not attempt.

Children’s Church Ideas for Small Churches: Think Big With S.M.A.L.L.

Do you need children's church ideas for small churches? Is your congregation facing big challenges due to its smaller size? Discover how to go big with programming by thinking S.M.A.L.L.

Bible Characters and Stories for Kids: 22 Ways to Teach God’s Word

Bible characters and heroes fill the pages of Scripture. The people featured in the Old and New Testaments all have important lessons to teach us today. Here are 22 free resources for helping children learn about people in the Bible.

Importance of Sunday School: How KidMin Classes Nurture Children

What's the importance of Sunday school? Read on for insights about the life-changing nature of this nurturing program!

Fall Festival Ideas: 98 Great Varieties of Seasonal Fun

Fall festival ideas are almost as abundant as fall leaves. So if you're looking for new twists on harvest events or carnivals, check out these 98 suggestions.

Christmas Coloring Pages for Kids: 10 Free Holiday Resources

Supplement your church Christmas festivities with these free printable Christmas coloring pages for kids.

How Do We Honor Our Parents: 6 Practical Ways to Obey God

How do we honor our parents and obey God's fifth commandment? Discover 6 parent-honoring tips for kids at any age or stage.

Sunday School Kickoff: 15 Fantastic Fall Ideas for KidMin

Sunday school kickoff is an exciting highlight of children's ministry. Begin a winning season of learning with 15 practical ideas from kidmin leaders!

Questions About Faith: 8 Tips for Responding to Children

Don't be intimidated by children's tough questions about faith. Instead, use these 8 helpful guidelines to provide answers and build trust.

10 Signs of a Healthy Children’s Ministry

Is your children's ministry healthy? Here are 10 signs of a healthy children's ministry.

My First Sunday School Teacher Completely Changed My Life

I don’t know where I'd be today without a man named Lenis Black. With the trajectory I was on, I hate to think about where I likely would have wound up. Who is Lenis Black, you ask? He was my very first Sunday school teacher.

Labor Day Sunday School Lesson for Preteens in Your Ministry

Check out this free Labor Day Sunday school lesson for preteens. It will help older children discover the importance of work and rest.

Fall Festival Games: 11 Harvest Activities Kids Will Love

Fall festival games and Trunk or Treat gatherings bring a harvest of smiles to young faces. They also bring loads of people to your church and children’s ministry. Check out these 11 fun fall-themed games!

Teacher Training Activity Idea: How to Create Clear Messages

Check out this helpful Sunday school teacher training activity idea. The object lesson helps kidmin teachers understand different learning styles.

5 Controversial Questions in Children’s Ministry

If you are serving in children's ministry, you've probably discussed some of these questions. Take a look at these five controversial questions and think about what you believe in these matters.

Help Children Listen to God When Choosing Friends

It's important to help children listen to God, especially when they're choosing friends. Use this object lesson in your kids ministry!

15 Engaging Questions To Ask Your Kids After School

For the parent who wants to be intentional and stay engaged in their child’s day-to-day school life, it’s important that the conversation that follows each day of school is more than just “How was school today?”

Preventing Ministry Failure: Avoid These 10 KidMin Mistakes

Need tips for preventing ministry failure? Check out these 10 common but costly mistakes in children's ministry.

Children’s Ministry Volunteers: 7 Solutions If You’re Short on Helpers

Are you short on children’s ministry volunteers? With these seven ideas, you’ll solve a volunteer crisis quickly.

Brian Houston Asks for Prayers as Court Case Looms, Recently Preached...

Brian Houston, former global senior pastor of Hillsong Church, asked his 691,000 followers on Instagram for prayer yesterday (Sept. 27) in regards to his upcoming court case.

Jen Wilkin on the Biggest Obstacle Keeping People From Reading the...

Jen Wilkin joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to explain the challenges church leaders face with helping people engage the Bible, as well as some possible solutions.

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