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From Orange: Multi Sensory Environments for Children’s Ministry Settings #OC12

Karen Pool of TFH USA/ www.specialneedstoys.com did a great job walking us through the benefits of providing a space that meets a child’s sensory needs.  These environments can be created for the purposes of (1) relaxing or calming a child;  (2) helping a child be interactive; (3) meeting a child’s needs for gross motor play.  Attached here is the powerpoint of Karen’s presentation.  The photographs are incredible:  Karen Pool – MSE Presentation Orange Conference 2012

Karen pointed out that the components of an effective MSE include (first 3 are most important):

  • Bubble Columns
  • Effects Projector (projects moving visual images)
  • Fiber Optpics
  • Aromatherapy & Music
  • Mirror Balls
  • Sound Sensitive
  • Positioning/Resonance/Waterbeds
  • Tactile Walls
  • Ball Pools
  • Gross Motor (cubes, slides, tunnels, ssteps, wall & floor pads)
  • Vestibular (swings, leaf chairs)

We talked about the importance of purchasing and installing high quality products.  If a child were to get hurt on a homemade piece of equipment or something that was installed improperly, the church can be exposed to unnecessarily liability.  All products manufactured, distributed and installed by TFH USA/www.specialneedstoys.com go through a rigorous testing and are warrantied at a higher level.

Karen provided each participant a copy of TFH’s 212 Special Needs Toys Catalog, which is an incredible resource.  Each page explains the purpose and applications for products, many of which can be used in a special needs ministry setting.   Karen specifically discussed several products featured in the catalog and Meaghan Wall also shared some favorite products during her workshop “How to Create a Special Needs Ministry Environment.

TFH-USA:  1-800-467-6222


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Amy Fenton Lee is a writer and speaker focused on helping churches successfully include children with special needs. She is a regular contributor to children’s ministry publications and a variety of other Christian and secular magazines. Amy is a passionate children’s ministry volunteer and the daughter of a church senior pastor. Amy is a frequent speaker at children’s ministry conferences. Amy blogs about special needs inclusion at The Inclusive Church.