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SBC Seminary President Al Mohler To EC: ‘The Only Way Forward Is The Way of Truth’

Mohler then stated, “…and time has run out.”

Mohler emphasized the importance of this moment in the history of the SBC. “Rarely have such fundamental questions concerning the future faithfulness of the Southern Baptist Convention been concentrated in just one entity, but this is now the case.” He continued, “And yet, the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention is not just an entity. It is the formal representation of the will of the messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention.”

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Mohler closed his statement with a stern reminder. “Southern Baptists are watching. Sex abuse survivors are watching. Our churches are watching and praying, and with deep concern. The only way forward is the way of truth.”

Sexual abuse survivor Tiffany Thigpen thanked Mohler for his statement saying, “Thank you Dr @albertmohler, I greatly appreciate this thorough statement and your stand. You promised me (and others) that you would stand for us and you are fulfilling this promise, thank you.”

Recent Lawsuit Against SBC Names Seminary

Outspoken advocate and sexual abuse survivor Hannah-Kate Williams filed a lawsuit that names Southern Baptist Theological Seminary as one of its defendants. Williams became pregnant at the age of thirteen after her father, an SBC pastor, sexually assaulted her.

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Williams argues that the seminary is implicated, because her father was a student and employee at the school while he was abusing her. In the suit, she accuses Mohler of failing to hold her father accountable for his abusive behaviors.