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Brooklyn Pastor Uses Homophobic Slur, Fat-Shaming During Instagram Live After Two Church Leaders Mock Him Getting Robbed

Reid shared that when he met Whitehead, Whitehead was kind and treated him well. However, Reid said that the Brooklyn pastor didn’t stop talking about his wealth, seemingly agreeing with Warren’s observation that something doesn’t seem right.

“I’m not trying to hate,” Reid said as he referred to Whitehead’s diamonds as “cloudy.” Reid also commented about the church’s backdrop, which he described as looking like “sheets,” saying, “Now, we got a problem, because if you rich, you can take $100,000 and buy you a whole new backdrop. I said this don’t make no sense to me.”

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According to the New York Post, Whitehead previously served a five-year jail sentence for his involvement in a $2 million identity-theft scam. He was also arrested in 2015 for hitting his then 7-year-old son, though those charges were later dropped. He was later also arrested for violating a protection order.

After listening to Reid and Warren laugh at him, Whitehead requested to join the livestream, saying that he wanted to talk and laugh with them. Reid immediately granted the request.

“I am glad that his baby and his wife, I’m glad that they’re okay—real talk,” Warren said right before Whitehead joined the live conversation. “Bishop, we are glad that you all are okay. This is not that type of party.”

“It’s funny that you’ve got thumbtacks on your background and you’re a multimillionaire,” Reid reiterated.

Whitehead was cordial at first, explaining that he wasn’t upset that Reid and Warren were laughing about the incident and affirming that they have a right to do so.

“But when you are turning what happened to my church into a laughingstock, that’s what I have a problem with,” Whitehead said. Addressing Reid, he said, “I gave you nothing but respect and nothing but honor when I met you.”

“At the end of the day you guys are coming at me and after what my church just went through, and y’all sitting here just laughing and making a mockery of it,” Whitehead said. “If you feel that your diamonds are better than mine, so be it.”

Without hesitation, Reid said, “They are.”

As Whitehead’s tone became more emotional, he told Reid and Warren that he wasn’t angry but wanted to know why Reid was laughing at him.

“You’re viral,” Reid replied. “My job is to talk about what is viral. I did you a favor.” Whitehead’s aggravation began to show as he told Reid that he didn’t need any favors from him.

Whitehead then turned his attention to Warren and began verbally attacking her.

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“You need to go and get some weight loss,” Whitehead said. He then called her “a fat slob.” The Brooklyn pastor further referred to Warren as “Biggie,” a legendary rapper from Brooklyn. However, Whitehead’s reference wasn’t a compliment, as he reiterated, that Warren was “Biggie Big not Biggie Smalls, but you’re Biggie Big.”