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Brooklyn Pastor Uses Homophobic Slur, Fat-Shaming During Instagram Live After Two Church Leaders Mock Him Getting Robbed

Lamor Whitehead
Screengrab via YouTube @Larry Reid Live

Bishop Lamor Whitehead continues to be featured in viral videos, but perhaps not for reasons that the pastor of Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries would want.

Whitehead made national headlines a week ago after he and his wife were robbed at gunpoint during their Brooklyn church’s livestream. The thieves got away with approximately $1 million in jewelry.

Mere days later, it was made known that Whitehead is being sued by a 56-year-old congregant for allegedly stealing $90,000 in retirement savings. The congregant had allegedly given Whitehead the funds to help her purchase a house—money the pastor supposedly used as a downpayment on a property for himself.

Bishop further went viral when he yelled at multimedia personality and pastor Larry Reid as an unplanned guest on Reid’s Instagram live last week, a video that also included Apostle Geneses Warren.

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Reid, who is the founder of the The MBN Network, owner of LDREnterprises, and is the spiritual leader for the Reformation Church of Atlanta, is supposedly the person who first posted the video of Whitehead getting robbed live on camera, which was later picked up by national news outlets.

Warren was a guest on Reid’s Instagram Live, and the topic of discussion was the robbery that took place at Whitehead’s church. The two church leaders can be seen laughing and appear to be mocking Whitehead’s actions while making fun of Whitehead’s diamonds and the church’s stage backdrop.

Reid made it clear to Warren that he doesn’t appreciate Whitehead’s traditional beliefs regarding homosexuality, further saying that he finds it offensive when Whitehead uses the word “gay” and calls people the f-word, referring to the word “f*gg*t.”

“I can’t get with that,” Reid said. “You know, because that’s what he was trying to say—that everybody, people like you and me who embrace the LGBTQ community—they say ‘We gay’ or ‘We compromise’ because we’re not trying to send them to hell.”

Warren told Reid that she felt bad for laughing when she watched Whitehead getting robbed, but she shared that she was “scream-laughing.” Expressing that the robbery, wherein a gun was put to the head of Whitehead’s 8-month-old child, was “horrible,” Warren nevertheless said that she was laughing at the stage backdrop behind Whitehead’s pulpit.

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Warren also called the whole ordeal very “Tyler Perry-ish,” implying that Whitehead may have had something to do with the robbery, saying, “Maybe someone that knows him had him set up.”