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Brooklyn Pastor Uses Homophobic Slur, Fat-Shaming During Instagram Live After Two Church Leaders Mock Him Getting Robbed

Referring to his stance on homosexuality, Whitehead said to Reid, “We had a conversation, and my position was that I preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and homosexuality is an abomination to God.”

Reid interrupted Whitehead and told him that he was mean for his stance on homosexuality.

“How am I mean,” Whitehead asked in response. “You’re mean, ’cause at the end of the day, you’re sitting here laughing at something—four gunman could have took my family’s life, and y’all sitting here making a mockery of it.”

Whitehead then made another remark about Warren being overweight.

“You want to sit here and validate homosexuality because you just admitted you’re a f*gg*t,” Whitehead told Reid.

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“Didn’t I tell y’all,” Reid told his audience in response to the homophobic slur. “Now everybody knows the spirit that you operate by. You have a spirit of religion and a spirit of a liar…you don’t have the level of integrity, intelligence, or self-control that you need.”

“As long as God got me, I don’t need none of y’all,” Whitehead yelled back.

Whitehead and Reid continued to argue about who does more for those who are in need of financial or spiritual help, until Reid attempted to make known to Whitehead that he was sorry for what happen to him and his church.

“I don’t accept your sorry,” Whitehead said. “I forgive you, but I don’t accept your sorry, because everybody knows you disrespected my church and you messed with the wrong one.”

Reid told Whitehead, “You’re not dead. Nobody was killed. You have to be able to take a joke…You can’t be a public figure and then pick and choose what people talk about. People joke on me all the time.”

“There ain’t no damn thumbtacks in my church,” Whitehead told Reid, another reference to his church’s stage backdrop. “You’re an ugly homosexual.”

Whitehead then disclosed that Reid had previously told him that he had had another man’s genitals in his mouth.

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“That’s because I was molested, n****,” Reid responded. “I have not willingly taken no [men’s genitals] in my mouth. You were in prison. How many [men’s genitals] did you take in your mouth? That’s what I want to know…and why you couldn’t keep your first wife.”