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Jim Breuer Criticized for Joking About Damar Hamlin at ‘ReAwaken America Tour’ Hosted at Greg Locke’s Church

Greg Locke: ‘We Were Just the Hosting Venue’

Locke told ChurchLeaders that Global Vision Bible Church was just the hosting venue and had “no jurisdiction over who spoke and who did not.”

“[Breuer] does the same set everywhere he goes,” Locke said. “At the end of the day, everything went smoothly and people need to stop being offended over every little thing. Comedy is comedy. There was nothing untrue about what he said. People are only upset because it was in the context of mockery. However, Christians, Patriots, and Conservatives receive massive amounts of hate and mockery every day, and nobody says a word.”

ChurchLeaders also spoke with Todd Coconato, a pastor, president of the Religious Liberties Coalition, and founder of Remnant News, who also spoke at ReAwaken America Tour event.

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“I believe this is Jim’s way of bringing awareness and sharing his thoughts and views on certain cultural issues via a comedic performance,” Coconato said. “We have seen far more egregious examples from left-leaning comedians, such as Kathy Griffin, who held a fake bloody head of former President Trump during one of her performances.”

Coconato shared that “these types of things are forms of freedom of speech, and are up for interpretation via the viewer, as each will have a slightly different perspective depending on their social stance and personal beliefs.”

Many Respond to Viral Clip of Breuer’s Act Circulating Twitter

A clip of Breuer’s routine that was posted on Twitter has received over 5 million views and many comments, many of them voicing displeasure at Breuer’s mocking of the pandemic and Hamlin.

One person wrote, “Disgusting. Nothing remotely to do with Jesus.” Another asked, “So now they’re mocking getting flu shots? What a world of stupid we live in.”

“Jim Breuer. I’m not sharing the video of his god awful set at some Christian tent event. His comedy is absolute trash. Then to mock Damar Hamlin in your set????? Absolute trash. How is this dude even considered a ‘comedian,” another posted.

One commenter said, “Jim Breuer mocks the collapse of Damar Hamlin in front of a laughing crowd. I cannot find the words to adequately describe this.”

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“Those people are many things,” another wrote. “Followers of Jesus’ teachings is not one of them. There is no love in them.”

Referring to Breuer, someone shared, “I was a legit fan of his pre-Covid. Saw him live a bunch. Nothing ground breaking but he was a fantastic standup. The pandemic really broke him.”

Another person shared a common reply that Breuer’s routine sparked: “I feel like I’m living on a different planet from anyone who finds this even remotely entertaining.”