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‘I Won’t Be Silent,’ Greg Locke Declares After Receiving Death Threat From ‘Witchcraft Practicing Psycho’ 

Screengrab via Facebook @Pastor Greg Locke

Greg Locke, outspoken pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, and his family had their lives threatened earlier this week by someone who practices witchcraft.

Locke shared the news of the threat on his newly restored Twitter account, which had previously been banned after Locke allegedly spread misinformation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“Tonight, my family was publicly threatened with death by a witchcraft practicing psycho,” Locke tweeted. “Extra security is at my home and a police report has been filed. Speaking truth makes enemies. I WON’T BE SILENT!!”

Locke told ChurchLeaders that he and his family have been receiving an increased number of monthly threats, adding that the one he recently shared is “one of a litany of social media posts” directed at him alongside threats of violence.

The recent threat came by way of a video from a person who practices witchcraft. In the video, the person can be seen holding “a séance where a spell was being cast against” Locke, including praying to evil spirits.

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“The person then took a picture of a gun with the heading, ‘I’m on my way,’” Locke told ChurchLeaders. The person in the video knows where Locke’s family lives, because they have attended some of the church’s worship services.

Locke explained, “I hesitate at times to post things like that, but there’s also a responsibility for people to sober up and realize the sacrifice someone must take to speak truth and expose evil.”

Over this past year, Locke has been calling out witches and demonic activity both inside and outside the church. As a result, Locke shared in a video posted months ago, “We’ve been getting—literally—sex toys in the mail every single day [and] glitter bombs from witches.”

On Halloween, Locke held the church’s second mass burning event, wherein congregants gathered together and hurled “demonic” materials into a large fire the church provided on their property.

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Global Vision’s ‘Reverse Offering’ Gives Away $320K to Those in Need

Similar to Global Vision Bible Church’s generosity to single moms on Mother’s Day, Locke shared that the church recently did a “reverse offering” for people who needed money to pay bills and for Christmas.

“Rather than people putting into the bucket, we had them take out,” he explained. They handed cash envelopes consisting $500 each to 640 people during the service. Locke said, “We handed out $320,000 in cash…we had to go to five banks to withdraw that much cash.”