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Social Media Etiquette for Christians

1 Timothy paints a wonderful picture of leadership as it pertains to the life of a Christian. If any of us aspire to lead others (which we all should), we must take the contents of 1 Timothy to heart and evaluate our lives from the inside out. I think we should do the same for our social media posts.

What does your social media say about you?

1) Are your posts above reproach? (1 Timothy 3:2)

2) Are your posts nonviolent and not arrogantly confrontational? (1 Timothy 3:3)

3) Are your posts managed well and full of respect? (1 Timothy 3:4)

4) Are your posts put above time with God, or your family? (1 Timothy 3:5)

5) Are your posts non-arrogant? (1 Timothy 3:6)

6) Are your posts respected, and do they portray a good name? (1 Timothy 3:7)

7) Are your posts sincere? (1 Timothy 3:8)

8) Are your posts reflecting your faith in God’s truth? (1 Timothy 3:9

Evaluate Yourself

Ask yourself these questions and evaluate your social posts. Why? Because out of the abundance of the heart a man posts. (Luke 6:45)  

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Jarrid Wilson was a husband, pastor and author relentlessly sharing the love of Jesus. In September of 2019, Jarrid tragically passed away by suicide. He is survived by his wife, Juli, and his two sons, Finch and Denham. His larger than life personality, heart for all people and passion for telling others about the grace and love of Jesus was unmatched, and he is greatly missed by all who knew and loved him. We stand on the promise of Revelation 21:4 that reminds us that in heaven, there is no more sorrow, suffering or death. Hope gets the last word.