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Transitioning Children Into Worship

It is crucial for kids to feel like they are a part of the church and experience worship with their parents very early on. For that reason, I’d encourage you to think about bringing your kids into worship as soon as they can handle it.

This shouldn’t be in place, in my opinion, of our church’s absolutely excellent kids’ programming, but in addition to. For our family, because my wife “volunteers” one service and attends one, this means Kharis (8) comes into one ‘big church’ service and goes to the kids’ church during the other. Allie (6) will be joining us in adult worship soon.

Jen Wilkin, a leader at the Village Church in Dallas, Texas, writes a great blog on raising children to worship God. I’d encourage you to look at these posts where she talks about teaching your younger children to worship:

Worship Together 

In this post Wilkin speaks candidly of her experience with her own children in worship and emphasizes how important is is to model to them what ‘big church is all about.

Big Church for Small Kids 

Here Wilkin gives parents more of a ‘how to’ when it comes to bringing your young children into church. Very practical and very helpful.

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