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How an Overemphasis on Loyalty Is Hurting Churches

Fourth – Make sure employees realize that your goal is to help them achieve God’s best for their working life. Make them feel at ease when talking to you about their job, and create an atmosphere where they’ll be comfortable sharing their frustrations. That gives you a chance to make adjustments instead of losing a good employee.

Finally – If they decide to leave – help them land on their feet. Early in my career, when it was time for me to leave full time ministry work, the head of the organization offered to pick up the phone and call any church or ministry I wanted and personally recommend me. But today, instead of that noble and gracious approach, most pastors and ministry leaders take personal offense when an employee leaves. They refuse to take their calls, and treat them like a traitor.

Let’s tone down the obsession with loyalty. Finding truly great employees is difficult, and the costs of re-training are high. Stop confusing loyalty and expertise. Find the most qualified employees you can, create an atmosphere where they can accomplish anything, and you’ll find more loyalty than you know what to do with.

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.