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12 Attractive Traits for Senior Leaders

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There are some attractive traits for in successful senior leaders. If a leader has these, he or she will be more likely to have loyal followers.

I’ve got a long way to go. At 60 years of age and having been a senior leader for over 30 years, I realize more of my weaknesses today than ever in my career. But I’ve also learned a few things I want to try to emulate as a senior leader.

These are some of the “best of the best” traits for those who attempt the daunting responsibility of leading others.

12 Attractive Traits for Senior Leaders:

Steady: They give a calming assurance in the midst of chaos.

Humble: They aren’t building themselves up at the expense of the team.

Courage: Wiling to make the hard, unpopular decisions.

Conviction: Have a deep gut for the things they are passionate about pursuing.

Adaptable: They are change resilience and willing to tweak the plan to attain the vision.

Strategic Thinking: They see how all the pieces and people fit together and build a plan accordingly.

Learner: They are never satisfied with current knowledge or wisdom. They are consistently seeking input from others.

Collaborative: They love a team approach and everyone’s voice is appreciated.

Optimistic: They are always willing to see the bright side of an issue—encouraging others around them, and even learning from failure.

Listener: They genuinely listen to hear because they truly care what others have to say.

Servant-Hearted: You won’t have them asking you to do something for them that they aren’t willing to do for you. They do so because they truly care for others.

Genuine: The perception they present publicly is who they truly are privately.

Any you would add? Which of these most attract you to a leader?

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.