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Celebs Make Money for Haiti on Twitter

According to an article on CNN.com, Atlanta minister and activist Shaun King devised a campaign to raise funds for troubled children in Haiti using Twitter and with the help of more than 150 participating celebrities. Organized on eBay, donors can be followed on Twitter by a favorite celebrity, including Eva Longoria, Justin Bieber, Cher, LeAnn Rimes, big names in Ultimate Fighting, and Jessica Alba. Givers can also choose to be followed on Twitter by the celebrity, to get one of their messages “re-tweeted” by them, to get a “shout-out” on Twitter by the celeb, or all of these options. Some of the celebs are offering bonuses like personal phone calls, autographs, and merchandise to their top bidders. Less than 24 hours after the start of the campaign, the effort had raised nearly $100,000. Money from the auction will benefit the Miriam Center, a home in Haiti for children with special needs like autism and cerebral palsy.