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Bible Illiteracy: Church's Dirty Little Secret

In reviewing the recent study results released by Pew Forum measuring Americans’ religious literacy, Pastor Randy Frazee of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio said Bible illiteracy is a problem he’s observed in the Church for some time now, calling it a “dirty little secret.” Frazee said Christians should have been the most knowledgable about religion in the poll results; the poll was, as Frazee put it, “a game we should have won.” Frazee added that pastors and teachers need to return to the basics of the faith, saying they might be skipping over “the inner transformational process and are maybe looking at how we can grow the fastest.” He also reminded readers of the value of basic knowledge of other faiths, saying it shows respect for people when you can understand their spiritual heritage. The Pew Study showed that atheists, agnostics, Jews, and Mormons know the most about the Bible, church history, world religions, and religion as it related to public and social policy.