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3 Steps for Setting Up the Offering

I’ve participated in a lot of church services where receiving the offering was tacked on to a worship set or sermon or felt forced and awkward.  Here are three steps to making a successful giving talk in your church service.

STEP ONE:  Let people know what is coming.

  • “We are about to participate in a time of giving.  This is an opportunity for you to support the mission and vision of Oak Leaf Church with your tithes and offerings.”
  • “That was a great time of worship, and we’re going to continue worshiping God through this time of giving.”
  • Hint:  Turn up the lights and give people time to prepare to give.

STEP TWO:  Make the connection.

This is where you’ll connect what’s about to happen to the big picture.  Use one of the three types of giving talks and share information, vision, or a life change story.

  • Bible teaching
  • Information
  • Stories of life change

STEP THREE:  Give people specific direction.

After you have explained what is happening and connected the time of giving to something else, then call the ushers forward.

“As the ushers come forward and get in position, I’m going to invite you to drop your tithes and offerings into the bucket.  Ushers, go ahead and pass the buckets.”  While the buckets are being passed, talk about upcoming information, have the band play a song, or show a worshipful video. 

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